Author: Neeta

Bloons Tower Defense 6 – A Fun Tower Defense Game You Should Play

Gamers, have you ever tried Bloons Tower Defense 6? Well, if you are a fan of tower defense games, you should try it. The Bloons series has been produced and designed by Ninja Kiwi. Originally developed as a browser game, Bloons Tower Defense 6 was later created for various mobile platforms including iOS, android, Nintendo DSI, PlayStation Portable and Windows Phone.…

Hidden Cats – Numerous Hidden Object Games Always with You

How much do you like hidden object games? If you love them a lot, you must be eager to get one in the ‘teatime’ section of newspapers and other sources. And once you find them, you are excited and solve them enthusiastically, wherever you are, at home, at work or school, or while traveling, right?…

Top 3 Benefits of Playing Beaver Chomp

If you love endless runner games, let me give you good news! Here’s a new sizzling hot endless runner game – Beaver Chomp!

You have to play the sweet Billy Beaver and take him down the stream while navigating him through sharp logs and some barriers which he has to chomp through. The faster you take him down the stream, the faster you’ll go on achieving new levels.

Extremely Popular Flash Game Genres You Should Know

Flash games are wonderful. They are easy to develop and not restricted by big budgets or set formulas like their console siblings. Any qualified programmer or even a 12-year old can make a flash game and launch it if it’s appealing enough.…

Various Types of Gaming Chairs – Choose the Best One for You for an Ultimate Gaming Experience

When you plan to buy a perfect gaming chair for the best gaming experience, you can look for DXRacer chairs or the likes because the best brand should be your first priority. You can also apply other criteria while looking for the best gaming chairs Canada for example, such as types of gaming chairs and many other factors. Here we’ll check various types of gaming chairs.

True Gamerz Expo 2018 – True Excitement for Gamers

What do you expect in your life as an ardent gamer? A day full of gaming? An access to new games always (at low prices preferably)? Like-minded friends who are as passionate as you are about gaming? Imagine, what you are missing! I’ll tell you that!…

4 Great Tips to Maximize Your Gaming Enjoyment

If you are a PC gamer, you know that sometimes PCs become so much out of control that you need to take an action to tame them. But this task is not as difficult as you might imagine. You just need to take a few easy measures and you can maximize your PCs performance, and you don’t even need to be a tech savvy for this. Here are some such steps.