Author: Neeta

Shin Up: Climb Game – An Outstanding Climbing Game You’ll Love

How far do you love climbing games? Or even if you haven’t played them yet, do you wish to start with them now? Here’s something exciting for you! A brand new climbing game named “Shin Up: Climb Game” has been introduced by Callico Creative and is getting a great response from gaming enthusiasts.

5 Great Tips to Play Roblox Smartly

If you are a Roblox fan, you can tell why this 3D role-playing game full of adventures and amazing experiences is one of the best-selling and popular games in the world. But if you are new to it and want to learn it, you’ll need some Roblox tips and tricks.…

IO Games – A Great Pastime

IO games are perfect for children and therefore, for the entire family. They are fun and are without any complications or mental stress. They come with attractive colours, enchanting sounds and of course, amazing graphics. All in all, they have all the qualities children as well as adults would love alike. Here are a few IO games that can be the best pastime for you.

Twitch – What Should You Know?

When it comes to watching gaming videos, Twitch is perhaps the most popular tool. Twitch was originally focused on video games when it started in 2011 although later it expanded to streams of other topics like music, artworks, TV series etc.…

5 Helpful Strategies to Play 1024 Game Successfully

1024 is an extremely addictive matching game in which you have to combine tiles with the same number to ultimately create the number 1024. You can move the tiles with the arrow keys of your keyboard to left, right, up and down. When there are no same numbers on the board that you can merge, the game is over. If you want to achieve the magical number of 1024, you have to play strategically and should not keep moving the arrow keys randomly. Here are some of the strategies.

7 Ways LoL Elo Boosting is Beneficial for You

Are you planning to try elo boosting for League of Legends? As you know, through elo boosting, you can hand over your account to a professional player which continues to play the game on your behalf and thereby boost your rank in the game. If you are looking for elo boosting, you must naturally be interested to know how it works. So, here is some information which you may find interesting and useful.…

Uppo Wrist Rest – Enjoy Gaming without Compromising on Your Wrist Health

You are an ardent gamer and gaming is more important than any other thing for you. However, when it comes to health, you’ll have to agree that if you are not in good health, you cannot enjoy any game. After all, how can you enjoy even your most favorite game when your hand is aching, eyes are burning and you are feeling uncomfortable? In short, you have to give prior importance to your health and a major organ that can suffer from a health issue due to gaming is your wrist!…

Pacman – Interesting Facts about a Wonderful Game

It’s almost impossible to meet a gamer who hasn’t heard of the game of Pacman. The hungry hero and the game itself have become so popular that they represent arcade games and have given the honor of a phenomenon to video games rather than being considered a fad. Pacman created its own market outside just video games with clothes, cartoons, book, toys and even food products, and it all began with a small idea of an eating game.…