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Roll For Combat – Sure to Engage You for Hours

How much do you love Starfinder and Dead Suns Adventure Path? Do you love to listen to live matches and adventures? If you do, here is good news for you! An actual podcast has been released just now in which you can listen to five friends playing the new exciting RPG by Paizo, Starfinder, and the Dead Suns Adventure Path.…

The Fine Line: Game of Dilemma That will Show You Your Personality

In a world full of deceptions The Fine Line is a game developed by Sanish Shrestha and Ezana Berhane which tests your moral values to the very core. The game has been designed to assess how far you can stretch your moral fabric. Though its hypothetical it’s an interesting way to measure what kind of a person you’re and how will you react to different situations.

3 Amazing Rocket League Tips

Rocket League, the amazing combo of cars and football, is a game that many people love and are passionate about. But for beginners, it may even suck! Therefore here we give a few tips for beginners to develop an interest in the game.…

Ark: Survival Evolved – Enjoy Walking and Flying in Beautiful Environments

Have you ever imagined what will happen if you leave alone in this world? Or if you are left on an isolated island? What would you do? Would you be depressed, sitting your head in your knees or would you try to build a house for you and try to survive? Ark: Survival Evolved teaches you how to try surviving when you are left on an unknown island without even wearing anything.…

Overwatch – Know the Classes of Characters to Make Playing More Fun

The class-based shooter of Blizzard, Overwatch, began as a runaway hit, enticing over 7 million players right in the first couple of weeks and grew into an enormous cross-media cultural event, complete with comics, cosplay and a booming erotica scene. What has made Overwatch so appealing?…

What’s a manly support conversation in Fire Emblem Warriors and is it hacked by Sky3ds+?

Fire Emblem Warriors for both Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS will be launched in Japan on September 28, and in Fall 2017 in the West. What is the latest news about the game and can we use Sky3ds+ hack the 3ds game to play for free on New 3ds and new 3ds xl(ll) console? Here you can know.

Asymmetrical War: Rise of the Dark King – Your Exciting Entry into a Future World

The VR (Virtual Reality) business is quite new and there is a pretty limited amount of good content available in the form of games and videos. A very few studios are working for developing content for VR because of the infancy of the VR business and very restricted market. One of these studios is Bailer Studios which is working on an enthralling title for the HTC Vive VR. It’s the Asymmetrical War: Rise of the Dark King which is an imminent multiplayer action game for the HTC Vive that will ported also to the PC, Linux and Mac platforms.…

Last Berserker™: Endless War – Exciting Survival Fight

Last Berserker™: Endless War – Exciting Survival Fight

How would you like to fight with sword? In today’s age of automatic rifles, you may think swords a bit slow, but no! They may not be! In the new free ever exciting game Last Berserker™: Endless War swords are as fast as lightning!