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Netgear Nighthawk AC1750 – The Best Choice for Your Router

When we are buying a router to address our concerns with our internet speed and connection problems, we must consider the quality of the product and the promises it gives to boost up our connections and avoid lagging issues especially at times when we needed a reliable connection the most.…

8 Useful Tips to Build a Thriving Gaming Community

Are you an ardent gamer but haven’t yet thought about building a gaming community? Well, there are so many reasons to build one. A gaming community can help some people to invest money, time and efforts into an online place that can host discussions, content and revenue-generating ads, and it also helps others who just want another venue to talk about their most favorite game, learn the latest tips and strategies, and connect to other players. If this is something that appeals you, here are some tips that may help you in building your gaming community.

Twitch – What Should You Know?

When it comes to watching gaming videos, Twitch is perhaps the most popular tool. Twitch was originally focused on video games when it started in 2011 although later it expanded to streams of other topics like music, artworks, TV series etc.…

Elo Boosting – Enjoy Getting to Higher Levels in Your Favorite Games with Ease and Speed

There are many games that come and go in the world of gaming. However, some games gain a special place in the gamers’ hearts. Some such games are League of Legends, Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch. All these games have wonderful gameplay, graphics, sounds and excitement that a gamer loves the most.…

Level Hacks – Stay Updated Always Like a True Gamer

Here on ForumFanatics, we keep updating you about new gaming sites and their useful features from which gamers like you can be benefited. Today we are going to introduce you to a very good gaming site where you can read game reviews, game tips and more. This is Level Hacks!

Personal Data Backup Conveniently from Android to Mac with an Amazing Tool

Personal Data Backup Conveniently from Android to Mac with an Amazing Tool

We do a lot of things in our everyday life and make a note of it. But what if all this data is lost? Thinking of this, a good idea comes to mind to create a backup copy of all the data. Don’t you think it’s possible? It is actually possible – with SyncMate. This wonderful tool helps creating a backup of your events, contacts, reminders, bookmarks and more.

Super Easy Way to Sync Music between Mac and Android

Super Easy Way to Sync Music between Mac and Android

How many songs you have manually copied to your phone from your computer so that you can listen to them anywhere you are? Now you can make the same process much more hassle-free with SyncMate. Sync your music from Mac to Android to get it always at hand!