4K Console Gaming Taking Your Gaming to a New Level

4K-enabled Xbox One SThe 4K resolution arrived last year, but still it’s not well-known to all. Paired with an improved display technology such as HDR (high dynamic range) video, 4K is the best reason why you should upgrade to a new television.

What is 4K?

4K is a TV resolution. Technically known as 4K UHD (4K Ultra High Definition or 4K Ultra HD) it is fortified with 4 times the pixels of 1080p HDTV. Obviously it gives a much sharper and more detailed picture. To have a 4K experience, you should have three things:

  1. A device able to play 4K (such as PS4 pro or Xbox One S)
  2. A 4K TV
  3. 4K content

Upscaling to 4K

When your console resolution is set to 4K UHD, all games and apps on the console will be displayed at 4K. The content which is already 4K is displayed in 4K resolution, while the other type of content e.g. 1080p content is upscaled to 4K.

To upscale everything to 4K, tap the Xbox button twice with which the guide will be opened. Then go to Settings > All settings and select Display & Sound > Video Output. Select 4K UHD for TV Resolution.

4K for Gaming

For 4K console gaming, you need not set your console resolution to 4K. You can even set it to any other resolution, like 1080p and then when any game or app needs 4K (and your television supports the 4K mode), it will switch to 4K automatically. This is good because when you want to play 1080p content, you can play it in its native resolution, but you can also take benefit of the 4K resolution when you want to play 4K content.

PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One S

Sony Launched PlayStation 4 Pro and Microsoft launched Xbox One S last year. These are 4K-enabled so, will take your gaming to a new level and you can experience the high resolution pictures.

PlayStation 4 Pro: Since the original PlayStation times, slimmer and more reliable versions of existing consoles have been launched; but PS4 Pro is being expected to a mid-generational leap in performance that is totally new to the industry. The Pro is a modified version of the existing PS4 console featuring a stronger GPU of 4.2 teraflops, a bigger ITB hard drive and faster clock speed. Practically speaking the Pro is HDR-enabled and is able to output 4K resolution visuals. Basically it has the power to make your games look far better on a 4K HDR TV, with brighter colors, greater amount of details and deeper blacks. The Pro is also created to exploit the performance of the future PSVR, the virtual reality headset from Sony for the PS4.

You should remember however that to make the most of PS4 Pro, you should optimize the games.

Xbox One S: While Microsoft too launched their 4K enabled device, Xbox One S, they are also preparing to launch Project Scorpio this year’s Christmas. Several people compare this strategy to the incremental modernizations of smartphones and tablets, potentially changing the form of the console business forever.

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4K-enabled Xbox One S

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