5 Great Tips to Make the Most of Your PlayStation 4

make the most of your PS4PlayStation 4 was launched 2 years ago and there have been lots of changes since then. With lots of new features, outstanding PlayStation 4 deals and host of new games, it’s getting better and better. If you want to use your PS4 daily, you can use many small tips and tricks that will help you make the most of your PlayStation4. Here are some.

1. Leave Your PS4 in Standby Mode

Many people have a wrong assumption that switching their PS4 off is the most perfect way to use it efficiently. However, if you leave it in standby mode, it will charge the DualShock controllers and also download those annoying updates.

2. Take Quick Screenshots

Many gamers love taking pictures of an outstanding moment of magnificence; however, by the time they get to the menu, the game moves on. But with the “easy screenshots” mode through share screen options, you will never miss your favorite moment again. Click “option”, then Share Settings, then Share Button Control Type and finally Easy Screenshots.

3. Preload Games

Preloading is one of the finest features on PS4. Now you don’t need to keep watching the slowly sliding bar helplessly – you can preload the game. You just have to go to the main menu and choose the PlayStation store, pre-order your favorite game and it will begin loading two days before its launch!

4. PlayStation App

If you are out when the next version of your favorite game is seen in the store, just load the PS4 app and buy the game; so, it’s waiting for you when you get back to home. However, make it a point to leave your PS4 on standby while downloading the game, with its setting of power saving on “connected to the internet”.

5. Your Mobile Phone can Become a Keyboard for Your PS4

You can pair your phone with the PS4 which will turn it into a remote, enabling you to navigate the PS4 and also using the phone as a temporary keyboard. To take the benefit of this feature, go to Settings, then to PlayStation App Connection Settings and finally to Add Device.

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