Important Points to Look for in the Best Gaming Chair for Improved Health, Energy and Gaming Experience

ChairsFXMore and more gamers are realizing the importance of gaming chairs and are including them into their gaming gear. This is not surprising because ardent gamers have to sit for quite long time for gaming and this has been proved to be detrimental for posture, backbone, waist and hips, hands and eyes, and gaming chairs are great because they support good posture while letting you sit for long hours.

Naturally, the production of gaming chairs has increased and also new innovative features are emerging that make them more and more comfortable and increasingly improve the gaming experience. In that situation, it becomes quite daunting to choose just the right gaming chair for your needs. You can find how to choose the best gaming chair and read reviews of various products on ChairsFX.

Here are some points that can help you know what exactly to look for and thus make an informed decision.

best gaming chairs

Adjustability and Ergonomics – Two Main Points to Consider for Comfort

Perhaps the first and foremost point you should look for in a gaming chair is comfort. Comfort is essential if you want to save your neck and back from cramping up in the middle of an exciting gaming session. You should also look for features that will help you avoid developing any chronic pain just because you wish to enjoy your gaming hobby.

At this point, ergonomics plays an important role. Ergonomics is the design standard used while manufacturing products with human physiology in mind. When it comes to gaming chairs, ergonomics is used to design chairs to offer optimum comfort and maintain physical health. Most gaming chairs are loaded with ergonomic features to various levels, such as lumbar support pads, headrests and adjustable armrests. These help maintain a perfect posture and offers ideal comfort for long hours of sitting.


best gaming chairs

Several gaming chairs sport multi-directional adjustable armrests. They are usually referred to in manufacturer specs as “2D” or “4D” where the “D” stands for “Directional”.

Several other chairs feature pillows and cushions for added pressure relief, generally in the form of head/neck pillows and lumbar support. Head pillows and headrests support the head and neck, relieving tension of those who wish to relax during gaming. Lumbar support is essential for the prevention of short-term and chronic back pain, whereas lumbar pillows are placed against the lower back and help maintain the natural curvature of the spine, and thus promotes circulation and good posture, and minimizes strain on spine.

As a rule of thumb, the best gaming chairs usually cost between $200 and $500. These offer luxury, comfort and excellent ergonomics.

best gaming chairs


Although comfort is the prime factor to consider while choosing a gaming chair, there is another equally important factor and it’s the right material of which the chair is made. The right material can sometimes change the game and altogether affect the chair quality. Some of the most popular materials used to make gaming chairs are as follows.


Real leather, also known as genuine leather, is a material derived from animal rawhide, often cowhide, after passing it through a process named tanning. While several gaming chairs use some kind of “leather” in their production, it’s normally a faux leather like PVC or PU leather and not genuine one.

Genuine leather is way stronger than its imitations, and is able to last for generations, and actually improves with age in some ways, whereas PVC or PV leather peels and cracks over time. Genuine leather also absorbs and releases moisture better, reduces sweat and keeps the chair cooler than PVC or PU leather.

PVC Leather

PVC leather comprises of a base material covered with a blend of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and additives that make it more flexible and softer. It’s resistant to fire, water and stains and so, is very popular in several commercial applications, and in gaming chairs too. Because it’s water- and stain-resistant, you have to clean it less often. Its fire-resistant property also offers you peace of mind. It’s also cheaper than genuine leather and PU and so, is a good option for you if you are on budget.

PU Leather

This is a synthetic material that combines split leather which is a material left behind after the higher-quality top grain layer of “genuine” leather is taken away from a rawhide and a polyurethane (therefore the name PU) coating. Although PU is not as breathable and durable as genuine leather, it’s more breathable than PVC.

It’s also close to genuine leather in appearance and feel. Moreover it’s cheaper than genuine leather. Hence if you are on budget, it’s a good option.

Secretlab Titan


Fabric is actually a popular material for office chairs but is also used in some gaming chairs. This material is even more breathable than leather and its imitations. But it’s less resistant to water and other liquids than leather and its synthetic versions. Fabric chairs are also softer, but less durable, than leather and faux leather chairs.


Mesh ranks the highest in the list of gaming chair materials when it comes to breathability. However, it’s more difficult to clean than leather, typically needing a specialized cleaner that can remove stains without the risk of harm to the delicate mesh. It’s also generally less durable over time. But still, it’s extremely popular as a gaming chair material for its amazing coolness and comfort.

Recommended Best Gaming Chair

As such, there are several high-quality gaming chairs. But the Secretlab Titan is one of the best gaming chairs you can buy and should consider. Plus it has gone through a major upgrade in 2019 in the form of an internal lumbar support which is offered from inside the backrest when you turn a knob up to the level you wish. This eliminates the hassle of adjusting a support cushion in addition to giving the chair a sleek look. Plus, four big and several smaller improvements have been made in the Secretlab Titan 2020 series. The chairs now come with upgraded highly durable PU leather, improved Cold-Cure Foam padding for a firmer seat, upgraded memory foam neck pillow coated in a cooling gel and full metal 4D armrests.

Secretlab Titan

If you want to improve your health, gain more energy and boost your gaming performance, think about buying a gaming chair. Happy shopping!


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