Extensively Varied Xbox Custom Controllers

custom xbox controllersThere is a wide collection of controllers available to game console owners of Microsoft Xbox 360, and also to game console users of the original Xbox. Plus, controller of Xbox 360 is Windows PC-friendly. Nevertheless, shoppers should know that there is no cross-compatibility between consoles of Xbox 360- and original Xbox-controllers. Microsoft presents several variations of themes and colors for their brand and third-party traders provide still wider range of options of styles of controllers in attractive designs. And now even Xbox custom controllers are available because of which users can get controllers in their choice of designs, colors and styles, through Aim-Controllers.com.

Controllers for Xbox 360

Although the console of Xbox 360 normally includes a controller as a content of the retail pack, several other kinds and styles are available for users interested in customized coloring and improved functionality, or for players who want more users to take part in the game at the same time. Microsoft provides a variety of branded controllers with variations in functions and an extensive range of color schemes. Several other third-party and aftermarket companies supply wired controllers that are compatible with the console of Xbox 360 and many companies manufacture improved versions of wireless controller of Microsoft that have added functions and increased performance for various game genres.

wireless controlers

Button Arrangement of Xbox 360

Wired as well as wireless versions of the standard controller of Microsoft Xbox 360 have the same arrangement of buttons, although the wireless version has two extra buttons: one unlocks a latch to remove the battery pack from the controller’s bottom and other “connect” button is for helping the controller sync with the console.


The standard controller that comes in the package is either black or white; however, plenty of other color themes are available, like basic colors, unique colors, and also metallic or chrome color schemes. These are launched as a special edition or as Limited Edition or part of collector’s bundles.

Third Party Traders in Controllers of Xbox 360

There are numerous companies apart from Microsoft which design and manufacture controllers for Xbox 360. Nevertheless, as the wireless signal of Xbox 360’s controller is proprietary and it is not allowed by Microsoft to access their technology, third-party manufacturers can only design and form wired controllers. But this is actually a blessing in disguise, because several competitive players love wired controllers, because according to them wireless controls have slower response than their wired counterparts. However, the wireless controller of Microsoft can be modified and personalized in a number of ways, and lots of companies do that for you.

wired controller

Modded Controllers

For the fans of wireless controllers, several companies offer modified wireless controllers of Xbox 360 called modded controllers that come with improved appearance and performance.

Xbox 360 Controllers for Windows

The wired controllers of Xbox 360 are Windows PC-friendly, because they use USB-matching cables. The controllers are Plug-&-Play, thus even simpler, on Windows 7 and Windows Vista, therefore a PC normally quickly finds and installs the drivers, that too automatically.

Original Controllers

The original controllers of Xbox for the original console, also called Duke controllers, were very big-sized as compared to other controller brands and were sometimes liked by players having big hands, but several people chose Controller S that was limited only to Japan in the early days. Then it was released in other countries because of public demand and soon took the place of the bigger-sized controller in the retail package of Xbox. But the Duke remained available to be purchased individually as some players did find them more comfortable. Controller S for the Xbox is still the most popular controller for the original console of Xbox.

In short, no matter where you go for, you will get a wide variety of options, whether it is Microsoft’s own brands or third-party manufacturers. Only thing is third-party controllers are wired only, because they cannot produce the wireless version, Microsoft’s proprietary. You should remember that warranty of controller of Microsoft is compromised if it is modified internally. So, it is better to choose external customization options, e.g. Aim-Controllers.com, where you get quality customization of Xbox controllers.

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