Game-Related Embroidered Patches – The Best Ways to Flaunt Your Gaming Passion

stalker clear sky Game-Related Embroidered PatchSeveral fashions have come and gone. But nothing could equal embroidery. Same thing applies to the world of gaming too. Gamers are fashionable and especially love to flaunt clothes that are associated to their favorite games. And if the pictures and symbols of their favorite games are displayed on the clothes in the form embroidered patches, they love them even more.

Embroidery definitely enhances the quality of apparel. Embroidered clothes look rich and classy. Thanks to the game-related embroidered patches, even plain clothes can be given the rich looks of embroidery by just attaching the patches to the clothes. Are there any rules to follow while selecting these patches? Not exactly, but following certain guidelines will certainly help you choose the best embroidered patches for you. Here are a few.

Customized Patches

The best thing about embroidered patches is that they can be customized. Thus whichever your favorite game is, you can get an embroidered patch for it. Technology allows embroidery dealers to create customized designs for gamers within no time. See this Fox Hound patch for example, which has an emblem of FOX HOUND. It has orange letters on a black background. It shows a red fox with a knife in his mouth. The patch has an interesting shape due to the knife.

FOX HOUND Game-Related Embroidered Patch

Sewing Machine Not Needed

Iron patches are convenient because they can be attached easily on thin fabrics, especially that of shirts and pants. This is very easy because ironing makes the patch attach firmly to the fabric. It’s less time-consuming too. So, you can just attach the patch of your favorite game to your favorite shirt, t-shirt, pant or jacket and wear it, and go on showing off your passion. You don’t need a sewing machine. Look for example at this patch with an emblem of Stalker – Monolit 2. Its sign shows the shape of the monolith, the mysterious stone of a nuclear power plant. It comes with a backing that is iron on, sew on, self-adhesive and Velcro.

Stalker – Monolit 2 Game-Related Embroidered Patch


While approving and finalizing your chosen patches, make sure you carefully check the borders. This will help you ensure whether the patch has sufficient space to be sewn. Sometimes ironing may not work well because of human error, the quality of monograms or the material of the patch. In such a case, sewing is the only option to wear the patch. This is an embroidered patch with an emblem of the game Fallout Corner. Black letters have been beautifully embroidered on white a background. It’s been finished with white merrow border. Patch logo indicates the oldest Polish website regarding the exclusive game series Fallout. Its shape is similar to an atomic bomb.

Fallout Corner Game-Related Embroidered Patch

Color Scheme

One more nice thing about embroidery is that it can be done in several colors. Choose patches that are dark if your fabric is light colored and for dark colored fabrics, choose patches in light colors. Video games are full of colors and so, there is no wonder that the game-related patches are colorful too. Unfortunately, if you want to check the quality of threads used in the embroidery, it can be done only through traditional shopping and not in online shopping. So, buy at a reliable website like Patchion.

Buying online has several benefits like significant discounts on purchases and easy return policy. You just have to take all required safety precautions so that you can protect yourself from falling prey to fraudulent online stores.

To flaunt your gaming passion, embroidered patches are the best things that make the most of highly contrasting colors and designs. So, what are you waiting for? Go, get one!

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