Gaming T-shirts – Shaping All Your Needs into Gaming

are you readyteeWhat does an ardent gamer want? Of course, gaming! But s/he can’t live without the basic needs, right? Well, if gamers can, they will do that, but still it’s not been possible! However, they can try at least to shape their basic needs into gaming and they do so, every bit of it! How? Take a look around and you will see the gaming apparel and accessories. They are there because gamers want to show their gaming passion through them. And why not? If you are passionate about something, why not to show it to others? And a gaming T-shirt is the best way to show your gaming passion to the world. Just getting that right, Sushi’s Shack Gaming has designed some awesome gaming T-shirts which you will fall for (if you ‘live’ gaming, i.e. want to convert your basic needs into gaming)! Take a look at some of them here.

This black tee has a controller on it and it’s asking if you are ready for a game? And any gamer is always ready for it, so, s/he will say “yes” to this! What do you say?

are you readytee

This black one has just a controller on it – no need to say anything, because a picture speaks more than words! If you have kept that controller towards your heart, it shows what your lifestyle is!


And this is another great one! It has a ninja on it who tries to ensure that you have recognized him because he is looking more like a controller! The picture of the ninja is cute with a perfect cherry red color of the tee as a background.

cherry red ninja

Here’s what I was talking about – the basic needs! What do you do every day? Eat, sleep and play games, eat, sleep and play games, eat, sleep and play games, and on and on and on!

eat sleep game repeat

This one is telling you what a gaming enthusiast the designer is! She is gaming hard since the 90s (when she was just 4)!

game hard since 90s

This pure white one tells you that a gamer is good with their hands – naturally! With all their skill concentrated in the movements of hands for handling the controller, they should be good with their hands, right?

good gamer

This attractive red tee is passing on the message of a controller to grab it, squeeze it and play it! The smileys on the controllers are indeed good ones!

grab me

This is one more attractive tee saying that the world is your mushroom – but there is not the word “mushroom” there but a cute picture of it, matching perfectly with the deep blue color of the tee.mushroom

And this one is a perfect message for a gaming nerd saying press start to play! Awesome design!

press to start

The brain behind these brilliant designs, Sushi, is a software engineer having a degree in computer science with games technology; so, you can guess why the designs are so catchy. She is a talented author and a poet too. If you love them, visit her Facebook page and you can see more!

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