Mad Genius Controller – A Revolution in Gaming

mad-genius-controllerDo you dream of an extremely precise motion-controlling gamepad which can give you a never-before gaming experience? Your search has now come to an end – because the all new Mad Genius Controller is here! It has the intuitiveness of Nintendo Wii and the accuracy of Microsoft Kinect – actually, even higher – it’s a controller that you can split apart!

Mad Genius Controller

Mad Genius Controller is a gaming controller which is console independent and makes use of an absolute positioning system to track not just your movement but even your accurate position in the room! What’s more appealing in it for gamers is it works with any title right out of the box – you are not restricted to use it for some specific games. Every player can plan their own chosen motions to control their current game titles and buttons and sticks will work! This is an entirely new style of playing offered by Mad Genius Controller wherein the functions of traditional controller can be combined with extremely precise motions and controller positioning to offer you an ultimate immersive experience.

mad-genius-controller 1


Mad Genius Controller is the brainchild of the eponymous Mad Genius Controllers partnership and is roughly based on the concept which was rumored for the PS3 in 2008 – a split apart gaming controller which can be easily switched between the usual twiddle-your-thumb mode and the ultra-precise motion-sensing mode.

The prototype is revealing some stunning abilities already – with one of the controller’s halves held in either hands, the system works without accelerometers or cameras to create its magic – a tracking system remarkably more sensitive to anything very tiny.

Incredible Accuracy

The accuracy of Mad Genius Controller is incredible – 1/100th of an inch! And it’s possible through both the halves. What’s still better is, the system is transparent to the gadget to which it is linked. It’s fully compatible with the Wii, PlayStations 1 to 3, Xbox and Xbox 360, and PC, without needing to upgrade the game or the console to get additional movement-tracking abilities.

Enjoy this exciting video to check the accuracy of the split-apart motion controller – Mad Genius!

How Does It Work?

The two halves of Mad Genius Controller are attached to each other with magnets. When joined the controller acts as a standard controller with the option of mapping your body movements to controller inputs for primary functions like walking, stooping or jumping. When split, the analog and buttons remain active but now you get the option of assigning positions in 3D space, and predefined controller shifts to button presses, and/or abalig stick input. Since the controller uses an absolute spotting system, unlike traditional accelerometers or cameras, each player is enabled to map controller locations.

The Mad Genius Controller works easily for right-handers as well as left-handers. In case of left-handers you just have to tell that you are a left-hander and the mapping software takes care of that, i.e. it reverses all the mappings for a lefty player!

Kickstarter Project – Help through Thunderclap

You can help the upcoming Kickstarter Project of Mad Genius Controller by spreading a word through your social media accounts. You can do this through Thunderclap too.

The Kickstarter crowd-funding will be utilized to refine the system and to replace the current tangle of wires by a totally wireless system!

Thunderclap – What is it?

Thunderclap is a new platform to spread a Facebook or Twitter message, unleashed by all at the same time. Thus it’s a massive news flash on Facebook and Twitter. It is totally safe and will post only one message automatically on your behalf. You can donate a Facebook post or a Twit for spreading the word about Mad Genius Controller.

So, the day is not far when we all will see a revolutionary location tracking controller which will give you an all new gaming experience!

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