Premium Inexpensive Gaming Gear to Make Your Gaming Experience Truly Fun

LED backlit gaming keyboard+illuminated gaming mouseYou are excited that you have upgraded your PC with a new motherboard and all other components, and have downloaded the latest video games too; so, you think you can start to game on! But, hold on! Just think, what you are missing. You need an edge to emerge triumphant with things called cutting edge gaming gear. If you research keenly, you can get them at reasonable prices too. Here are some of the gaming peripherals you should essentially have.

Gaming Mouse

If you want to become a pro gamer, a regular 3-button mouse won’t suffice, particularly if you are much into games having complex user interfaces such as MMORPGs. It’s better to buy a dedicated gaming mouse. These devices are not only optimized for ergonomic comfort but they also provide you remarkably more buttons as well as configurable hotkey mapping functionality.

Today you can get a variety of mice that are wireless, ergonomic, have USB receiver, a scroll wheel as well as side-mounted front/back buttons and more. Plus you can get mice that can work on any surface like tiles, wood and even glass! They even have a high precision mode. They are shaped to be held comfortably for hours for gamers who can’t stop gaming. Such a great gaming mouse is an essential part of your collection of premium inexpensive gaming gear.

VaKind backlit wried gaming mouse

Gaming Keyboard


Another essential gaming accessory you need is a first rate gaming keyboard. If you are an ardent gamer, there are high chances that the “A”, “W”, “S” and “D” on your old keyboard are worn. Why not replace your old keyboard with a true gaming solution?

Today keyboards too are available in various useful, stylish and cost-effective models, with integrated trackpad which enables you to connect with your PC from any seat in the room without requiring a desk. You can also get premium keyboard-mouse combos with loads of features. They are wireless as well as backlit and have built-in battery and recharging system, and with a laser sensor, they are able to track on any surface, including glass.

LED backlit gaming keyboard+illuminated gaming mouse



While you are in the middle of a raid, the last thing you would want is to stop casting spells and type out messages to your comrades. You need not waste even a second if you invest in a gaming headset. There are so many top rated headsets that will keep you and your guild-mates in constant communication.

The modern headsets can let you take a leap into the future of gaming. There are ultimate VR headsets available today which can let you dominate the world of VR.

ZOZ wired gaming headset

PC Controller


Today’s PC controllers offer a multitude of options, such as wireless controllers and those having USB connections as well as pressure-sensitive triggers. For choosing the right one from the plethora, you need to know the operating system of your PC. While a common PC user only knows that when he pushes a button, his PC comes to life and starts responding to prompts, a gamer needs to know a bit more. So also, you will have different types of controllers like paddle controller, joystick controller, arcade-style joystick controller, flight stick controller, steering wheel controller, yoke controller and pedal controller. Plus there are controllers that are wireless, standard wired, with USB connections, vibration feedback, programmable action buttons and dual analog controls. And there are additional features too like dual throttles, multiple-speed shifters for driving games and pressure-sensitive triggers. Researching all these options will enable you to choose just the right one that will make you a pro gamer.

gaming controller

PC Speakers


A great pair of speakers is another essential among your premium inexpensive gaming gear. The number of options available in PC speakers too will awe you. There are surround speakers, stereos and more. There are waterproof portable speakers too.

waterproof portable speaker


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