Top 6 Things to Consider to Buy a Perfect Gaming Laptop

If you are looking for an excellent gaming laptop and those hundreds of options available out there have confused you, here are some tips that will help you make the choosing process easy.

1. GPU


The graphics processing unit is the most important component of a gaming laptop, since it does all the hard work of offering you all the pleasant experience (like particles, MSAA, PhysX, and so on). For playing very demanding games, you will need a very powerful GPU. Sadly, not many laptops have AMD Radeon HD graphics, so, the only recommendation is NVIDIA Getforce GTX GPUs.


2. CPU


The central processing unit is the second most important component in a gaming laptop because games like Watchdogs, Battlefield 4, Assassins Creed etc use a huge horsepower as compared to the earlier generations of games to perform all the game functions fully. This is particularly true for multiplayers as your CPU has to keep a track of multiple players which needs a huge processing to avoid lagging.

For rigorous games like Watchdogs and Battlefield, an Intel Core 17 quad core processor is essential. A dual core i5 may do, but it may slow down the game. Don’t buy an AMD APU quad core since they have weaker cores than Intel’s mightier quad core processors.




For GPUs to run properly, they should have their own VRAM (memory) so that they are able to store all the frames, textures and other essential properties to have frames to your monitor.

It’s recommended to get as much VRAM as possible, though having 8GB isn’t very necessary. 3-4GB VRAM will be good for you.


4. Resolution


As such 1080p has been almost a norm by now; however, you might have probably come across the latest 3k laptops as well.

3k gives you a far clearer picture. So, if you want an absolutely clear image, 3k will be the best choice for you. However, to drive 3k, you will need minimum GTX 870/880M for 3k gaming. As 3k is typically 3x 1080p resolution, the graphics processor has to perform 3 times harder than before. Therefore you will have to have an expensive gaming machine.


5. RAM or Memory


Memory is also important since the CPU has to store all the settings of game/files that it will want in the system RAM. 8GB is normally necessary for intensive gaming. However, you can do well with 6GB. But 8GB is almost the same price and you won’t have to face any problem.


6. Drives


If you are like many other gamers who have 10 to 20+ games, you will need a huge hard drive. Today’s games typically need 5-10GB of storage, multiply it by 10 to 20 and that becomes a huge chunk for your hard drive used for games. So, you will need at least 1TB hard drive. Getting a SSD is also advisable even if you won’t put games or at least not all games on the SSD. SSD will offer you higher boot times with all the other things you may do on your gaming laptop.

Consider these points and you will get your hands on a perfect gaming laptop.

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