Top 7 Features to Enjoy before You Sell Your PlayStation 4

make the most of your PlayStation 4PlayStation 4 is by far the best console in the PS series because it is full of outstanding features. However, its so many features often go unnoticed. The fact is that you may make so much more out of your PS 4 if you know all these features. Here are some tips to make the most of your PS 4.

1. Switch Apps Fast

If you love quick switching between your game and apps, you can do it on your PS4 by double-tapping the home button. This works for most though not all the apps and games at release.

2. Sophisticated Keyboard

The sophisticated keyboard of PS4 can be switched on by pressing [R3] and some call it “Gyro-keyboard”.

3. PlayStation App Keyboard

Do you still find keyboard controls on consoles poor? Haven’t you yet grasped the “Gyro-keyboard”? The PlayStation available on Android and iOS can be easily connected to your PS4 and then you can select and click on the symbol of keyboard at the top of the screen, and can use your phone as a virtual keyboard!

4. Shortcuts with Share Button

Not many people know what you can do with the Share button. Whenever you want to take a screenshot or video without navigating the Share menu, you just have to tap the Share button twice and it will start capturing the action for a video! For taking screenshots, press and hold the Share button.

5. Dual-Shock 4 Charge

When you charge your Dual-Shock 4, you can see that the Lightbar has become orange and starts pulsing slower as the charge rises. Thus, if it’s pulsing similar to a heart rate monitor, it’s perhaps a long way off full charge.

6. Lightbar Player Colors

There are colors designated for players at PS4. Thus, blue color is of the first user, red is for second, green is for the third and pink is for the fourth. Or better remember as the colors of the facebuttons of DualShock 4 from Cross or X anticlockwise to Square. Accounts should be made by users on PS 4 or they should play as guests. All games bought on the system will be distributed among all accounts.

7. Create Password

If you don’t like others snooping on your account, create a password. You can do this by going to Login Settings -> Passcode Management and set a password there. Remember it well.

Follow these tips and enjoy all these features before you plan to sell PlayStation. They will also make you well-versed with your new console.

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