3 Excellent Ways to Earn SWTOR Credits You Should Learn

SWTORThere are many fast and simple ways of gaining Credits in Star Wars: The Old Republic. A few of them are super quick, but need more of experience, like participating in the GTN Game. Others are far easier, but less effective, e.g. the Heroics method.

The most effective techniques to earn Swtor credits quickly keep changing time and again, depending on the development of the game, patch updates and infrequent bugs or economy spikes.

Here are three excellent ways that will help you earn SWTOR credits.

1. Farming Heroics

One of the most effective yet easiest methods to generate a significant quantity of credits without having to spend too much of time in research and preparations is to farm Heroic Missions. It can be done even at a low level, however can make a little money from each quest, of course. At level cap you are also rewarded with Command Experience Points (CXP) by each mission. This is like a side-bonus to the main goal here – earning quick money. You can even accelerate the process by teaming up with a couple of friends.

You can choose the Heroics from the Activities Window, that presently is the quickest way to get the missions. These missions are all sharable, thus if you’ve brought a few friends along, they don’t have to choose the same missions again. One of the latest additions to the game is the capability of quickly traveling to your Mission Destination, of which you should take full advantage!

SWTOR Heroics

2. Crafting and Selling Things

The next method of earning Swtor credits is much more effective, yet risky – crafting different items according to your character(s), crafting professions and acquiring skills and then selling them directly to other players or on the Galactic Trade Network (GTN).

To work this out, you’d probably have to have multiple characters with excellent Crew Skills levels. You’ll also have to give more time to adding your crafted things to GTN.

It is important to understand which crafted objects sell well at particular times. The trend doesn’t change every day, however between patches it’s possible that the most popular item might tomorrow become totally useless and unsellable. You need to do your research and discover what sells well and craft it. Bear in mind that the time taken by gathering the resources and crafting the objects should also be considered while calculating your profit. The longer you take for an activity, the less productive it becomes.

Crafting and Selling Things

3. Playing the GTN (Galactic Trade Network) Game

Here’s the most fascinating yet the riskiest part. For playing the GTN game, you need just one character, however this technique needs thorough knowledge of the present meta-game and information of what’s being crafted, sold and bought on the GTN.

Basically you need to keep an eye regularly on multiple types and categories of objects being sold on every day (and even every hour) basis. After a particular length of time, you’ll begin memorizing which particular objects are often being sold. Frantic players who are after quick cash are present on all servers and therefore precious and rare objects typically appear for costs quite below their usual target. The reason behind this sometimes is messiness of the user – for example: an object being sold for 10k rather than 100k, just because the vendor mistakenly typed one “0” less.

As soon as you find an object on GTN for a lower cost than its regular price, grab it and keep it right away for sale again at a much higher cost.

When you become an experienced GTN seller and expert of the game, you are supposed to have knowledge about what objects are rare. Once you have this expertise, you should take benefit of it with the above technique.

Remember that just like the method of crafting and selling your own objects, you should not keep them for sale for longer.

GTN (Galactic Trade Network)

Try these tips to earn the Swtor credits and make your game increasingly fun!

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