3 Great Tips to Take Your Final Fantasy 7 Fun to the Next Level

Final Fantasy 7 RomA major reason for the popularity of Final Fantasy 7 is that it’s so full of secrets that every player would want to go on exploring them. This is a game that is being played and streamed for years and eventually has resulted in even more strategies and tricks that players still weren’t familiar with. Here are some of them which Final Fantasy 7 fans would enjoy.

1. Hiding on the Beach is One of the Best Skills

The Final Fantasy series has some jobs and characters having the ability to know the moves of monsters and make their use in the battle.

Thus the party members could understand the moves of enemies in Final Fantasy 7 Rom with the help of the Enemy Skill materia, which needed you to be hit by the skill with the materia prepared so as to learn it.

It can be difficult to find one of the best enemy skills, but it’s worth the efforts.

With the White Wind enemy skill, a significant amount of the party’s hit points can be healed while curing almost every status effect in the game.

To acquire White Wind, you have to find the Zemzelett enemy surrounding the Junon area and utilize the Manipulate ability on it to make it implement White Wind on the party.

2. Using a Glitch to Duplicate Items

Final Fantasy 7 contains several powerful healing items that occur only in limited numbers which means that players will usually save them for boss battles and other risky situations.

You can get a maximum number of every item in the game by using the W-Item duplication glitch.

The W-Item materia is meant to enable a character to make use of two items in one turn. There is a glitch that involves the selection process of the items, which will enable you to duplicate the first item that you choose. This glitch can be used to get 99 Megalixirs or 99 Hero Drinks.

3. Cheating the Date Mechanics

Final Fantasy 7 features dating mechanics which depend on your communications with Yuffie, Tifa, Barret and Aerith. Points can be earned or lost with each character based on how you react in dialogue. The character with maximum points will go on a date with Cloud at the time of the Gold Saucer visit by the end of disc one.

Yuffie’s affection can be increased by reacting positively to all questions barring the last one during your first encounter. While you call up the first question, she will flee allowing you to begin the process over, earning you more points.

Barret’s affection points can be maxed out in Cosmo Canyon by talking to him repeatedly in the inn when you first arrive, since you can earn affection points constantly from the same question.

So, have you learnt new secrets from these tips? Make use of them and take your enjoyment to the next level.

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