4 Ways of Earning from Gaming, but Not Professionally

earning through gamingBy now, it has become well-known that there is an abundance of prizes that can be won if enthusiastic players decide to adopt a bit of weird designation of “professional gamer” with tournaments offering huge financial awards for the best players. But what if you don’t want to turn into a professional from amateur, but still want to earn some extra cash? In the world of gaming it is possible, though these ways are not get-rich-quick schemes and you will have work hard. However, there is a way to make some easy money by telling about https://www.g2a.com/r/bestprices4gaming to your other gaming enthusiast buddies, and if they happen to purchase from G2A.com, you will earn commission! Let’s see 3 more ways.

1. Becoming Informal Guides

This is a humble way to make some money, as there is no huge market available for it. However, since we are not intending to become a professional and live upon it, we can consider it as an option.

Do you think you are an expert? Write an eBook which you can sell. You can also take help of Amazon or even your own website. But some sites like KillerGuides.com have much larger market for you.

But remember that it is neither an easy nor a quick job. You have to write a thorough and unique guide, if you think it should sell well.

2. Streaming Videos

Livestreaming videos of game demos is a much beaten path, but it is still working. Record your play, put it on YouTube and monetize it! But remember that if you want to monetize it really, YouTube needs you to provide a running commentary throughout the whole video, and not just clips or you playing the game silently.

There should be a step-by-step detailed commentary strictly attached to the live action and has an educational or instructional value. Videos just showing a player playing a game or using software for prolonged periods may not be accepted by YouTube for monetization.
Here a pitfall may be there are masses of competition in this and individual views are not at all worth. Therefore you have to gain a great number of views to turn it worthwhile.

3. Selling Characters

If you are a fan of games like World of Warcraft and the likes, where characters are created with new weapons, skills, magic and other capabilities, you can have a fantastic way to make money, by upgrading and then selling these characters.

Though according to the rules of the game, it is forbidden, trade of characters is carried out and they are sold anywhere from some pounds to $10,000. The sale of in-game items or characters has been banned on eBay too, but it is still on with websites like PlayerAuctions and ArmoryBids.

4. Through G2A.com

And of course, there is a still easier way to earn which I mentioned earlier – through G2A.com!

So, simultaneously with playing you can make money too, but only casually and not professionally: that will save you from the stress of being professional and offer you the enjoyment of playing game as usual!

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