5 Amazing Dragon Games on Google Play

Little DragonThough we would not be able to utter a word if a real dragon stands before us, dragons in games are extremely fun and we all love them. Google Play has a range of dragon games, all featuring dragons with fun appearances and characteristics, and with cute gestures. Moreover they take help from us to make us feel that they are our cute pets, and not some horrific, gigantic creatures. Let’s take a look at 5 fun dragon games like Little Dragon and more.

1. Little Dragon

Little Dragon 6Presented by developer dandev, Little Dragon is a cute dragon game on Google Play wherein your adorable pink-colored dragon is on a quest and you have to take him ahead. So, it depends on your intelligence how far he can go. You can collect coins and make amazing goodies active. The landscapes in the game are so beautiful that you will wish to lose yourself to them while helping your dragon through the quest.



Little Dragon 2

Little Dragon 3

Little Dragon 5

2. little Dragon 3D

little dragon 3DA 3D flying game, littleDragon too contains a cute little dragon and lovely landscapes through which you have to take your dragon further on a quest to fly more ahead than even before. The game offers new refreshing challenges every time with randomly created levels.



little dragon 3D 2

3. Cute Dragon

cute dragonYou have to destroy the fireballs to explore the secrets of the dragon. Offering guaranteed fun for anyone, the game invites you to start a new venture for your cute little dragon, full of secrets to explore, balls to blow up and goals to achieve. The fire of the little cute dragon has been confined in glass balls by a mysterious spell and your duty is to help the dragon free his fire. The little cute creature has an incredible secret – question is can you disclose it by turning all the stars purple? Quite challenging – extreme fun!



cute dragon 2

4. Train Your Dragon

train your dragonDo you love mystic forests and ancient cities? If yes, you are going to love this game! Here you are going to enjoy the adventures of a flappiest magic creature – the dragon! You have to train him, score up to become the Dragon Master, share your success with your friends and rank top in the worldwide players’ list.



train your dragon 2

5. Tiny Dragon

tiny dragonYou have to play with your own cute baby-dragons, your most unusual cute virtual pet! You have to create your own dragon and take care of him – treat him, feed him, play with him and there will be no other close friend of yours than the tiny dragon. Watch him growing up and evolving, every time changing his looks! You get 3 evolution levels, but you can get different dragons. This is a sweet time-killing game.



tiny dragon 2

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