5 Asphalt 8 Tips to Conquer the Road

Asphalt 8 iconAsphalt 8: Airborne is today’s top quality racing game and is the favorite of mobile game players. This wonderful title allows you to take ride on all of the luxury cars you see in real life. The largest difference (and it is fun) is you can use this expensive automobiles to perform incredible tricks. This mobile racer presents quite a few stages and multiplayer aspects that can get a bit scary at times. Here are some tips and tricks with which you can conquer the road.

1. Aim at Earning Each and Every Star on Each and Every Stage

You can see unlockable stars on every stage you use while winning new seasons and races. They are good even for purchasing in-game objects. When you earn a new star, a bonus of one-time money is unlocked for you that you can obtain at the end of each race. Aim at completing each race so as to earn these bonuses for more money.

2. If You Want to Buy Something, Buy Car Packs

Spending real-world money on this game may not be your choice, but if at all you do that, spend it on car packs. They include vehicles of every class. Try to purchase any of them from the start of your time in the game. It’s advisable to purchase a car pack with cars of classes that you don’t have than to buy the car packs late in the game, which may have cars that you own already.

3. Search Every Map Thoroughly

This is perhaps one of the most useful tips for Asphalt 8, because every map has plenty of alternate routes, hidden passages and shortcuts. Some are longer, while some are shorter with varying difficulty in the navigation. You should master these routes if you want to ensure victory, and find one that best suits your style of driving. The best way is to play each of them again and again, and looking carefully where paths separate and where the computer prefers to go.

4. Master the Art of Drifting

Drifting during curves is one of the best ways to gain a constant supply of nitro. It is as simple as tapping the break key, which begins the drift (if you want to end the drift, give a quick tap). With drifting you are not only able to maintain speed during a curve, but also earn nitro, which is pretty important.

5. Memorize the Tracks and Keep the Car Secure

If you want your car to be safe and secure, the best way is to memorize the tracks and remember the hazardous situations. Keep a keen eye on the stages and you can identify all the tracks and turns that can harm your car.

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