5 Awesome World of Warcraft Tips

World of WarcraftWorld of Warcraft is a big title and features a number of nooks and corners for everyone to investigate and apply their favorite tricks. With years of development and millions of players, WoW has plenty to offer to a new player. The game has also some hidden features which are not apparent if someone doesn’t tell you or you don’t come to know about them on new sources or fan sites. Let’s take a look at 5 such secret tips.

1. You Need not Take Dying Seriously

If you are afraid of dying, don’t be! It’s unsatisfactory and you can incur some repair costs that are very mild. But particularly as a newbie, you need not take dying very seriously. You will come across some moments in the game when you will automatically say, “I don’t believe I survived through that!” and you can’t enjoy those moments without undergoing the risk of death.

2. Counting Item Levels

Generally, there are two degrees of qualities. One is of blue, green and purple, while the other is raw item degree. As a rule of thumb, with a higher item level, there is always a better gear. Within the tier of same item level, purple is the best gear, while green is the worst. If you are in a doubt, you better go with the highest possible item level.

3. Decrease Accidents by Clicking Targets

All know that you can simply hit Tab to target. Hitting Tab lets you fast cycle through enemy targets. Only problem in this is it’s simple to Tab too fast and by mistake pull additional enemies.

This can be cleaned up by clicking targeting. Depending upon your mouse speed, your DPS time won’t be much lost by click targeting rather than using Tab.

4. Get a Partner

When you do dungeons, it helps you to get a partner. Even though you both are DPS, you will benefit from only having an affable face in the PUG. A partner can add some comfort to the PUG and can accelerate things.

5. Find Some Addons

Addons are a downright method for enhancing your gameplay; however, you will be stunned to see how little documentation about them exists in the game. Addons necessarily enable you to customize your game, alter the UI and deal with tough tasks a bit more comfortably. Addons really can do numerous different things. Therefore, you need to find out and experiment. A nice place to begin is Addon Spotlight.

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