5 Most Captivating Boys Games

puppet soccer championsIt’s not true that video games are only for boys, but it’s true that boys are more attracted towards games than girls. There is a reason behind it. Most of the content in video games is normally considered “masculine” and comprises of male-dominated sports like football, racing, warfare and more. Also the games are full of masculine stereotypes which symbolize strength, power, action, competition and sometimes, violence. Here are five best online games for boys.

1. Puppet Soccer Champions

Puppet Soccer Champions is a captivating game in which you can play football with popular athletes! Messi, Ronaldo and Balotelli are featured in this game. Perform sweet moves upon the field to tackle other players, trick them and score. Challenge a friend or the computer to the ultimate soccer matchup. You can listen to fans cheering as you take their team towards victory!

puppet soccer champions

2. Bubble Shooter Game

Bubble Shooter has all what you are looking for in a puzzle game, including bust-a-move style gameplay, challenge, colorful, cute graphics, and a slowly increasing difficulty level that eases with experience. The gameplay is easy. You will fire towards a screen packed with colored balls. You should match groups of three or more balls of the same color. They will vanish upon getting a match. As you go on playing, a huge weight pushes the balls gradually in the direction of bottom and if they reach the bottom the game gets over. The game will become more and more challenging as you progress, with more balls and different colors to match. Some colors are even hard to differentiate from each other. But there are ways to identify which color the ball is. This very exciting game will keep you captivated for hours!

bubble shooter

3. Lose the Heat: Retro

Lose the Heat: Retro is a car racing game, in which you have to aim at ditching the cops. This is an old-school racing game and is so enthralling and exciting, that you will hardly put it down!

lose the heat retro

4. Zombie TD: Reborn

Defense games too are extremely exciting. In Zombie Tower Defense, your job is to shoot and destroy all the zombies attacking your base. You can use cannon, sentry, minigun, ice, flame thrower, laser turrets and buzz sow to stop the horde. You will earn money by upgrading and will get a chance to fight with a variety of zombies. With your mouse, you can place turrets in their path and kill them!

zombie TD

5. Stickman Downhill

Stickman Downhill is another exciting game which you can play with both, touch screen and by rotating your phone! The gameplay is simple – cycle and brake across each level as fast as you can to achieve most stars. Upon reaching a target you can unlock the next level and can continue. You need to control the brakes and angle of your stick cyclist, which you can do by rotating the phone. This easy game is full of action and non-stop excitement!

stickman downhill

All these and many more exciting games are available at TheGamesBoys.com. Visit the website, pick any game of your choice and start having unending fun!

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