5 Most Popular Games This Season among India’s Gaming Community

fifa 14 games popular in IndiaWith the development of numerous new games, gaming forums and blogs, online video gaming is seeing a surge in India. The sector, which previous had no foothold in the country because of no access to gaming PCs and consoles, and the less social acceptance of this medium of entertainment, has now flourished with new games and consoles that grab attention in the online gaming community. Here are top 5 games that are leading this season in India’s gaming industry.

1. FIFA 14

The progressions of this year have refined FIFA considerably all the more making it seem like a drawing and stimulating. Modifications in FIFA have made it extremely engaging and invigorating, and one of the best PC games. Effects like volumetric lighting and focus blur are spectacular and make the game increasingly popular among gamers.

2. Bejeweled 3

Bejeweled 3 is full of new enhancements and features. There are new objective-oriented modes, including digging for the gold, saving butterflies, hiding a poker hand or shattering rice.

3. Rummy Passion

Released in October 2016, Rummy Passion offers both free as well as cash game. When you start playing Rummy Passion, you are automatically enrolled to the Passion Rewards Club. Another one is the Loyalty Club which is a state of the art repertoire of superb awards. It is classified into Silver, Gold, Platinum and Black Tiers. You can get an ultimate card game experience from it.

4. Traffic Rider

You are behind the wheels of a motorbike of Traffic Rider of this time; but your gaming experience is much more detailed, but still retains the old school simplicity and fun.

Traffic Rider takes the unlimited genre of racing to an all new level with a full career mode, better graphics, first person view perspective and real life bike sounds. There is still the essence of smooth arcade racing but in the disguise of the next generation.

5. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones by Tell-tale Games parallels the HBO show, creating some tenets that were expected by the fans of the series since long. The Westeros’ realm is harsh and cruel and has very little sacred as madmen and nobility make a move for power. A clear weight and history is there to the events resulting in this game that may be intimidating for beginners, but the essence of the conflict is more concise and centralized.

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