5 Top Dirty Bomb Tips

dirty bomb cheatsFinally, the much awaited beta of one of the finest F2P Shooters, Dirty Bomb, is out. But beginners may find it ass-kicking because of its tremendous pace. Moreover, plenty of veterans are around. So, though you get a bad patch, don’t give up. Remember that you will improve with practice and from your mistakes. You may even have to give up the habit of getting success, while playing this game! BTW, between you and me, Dirty Bomb Hacks are indeed available! But let’s pay attention to some essential things.

1. Don’t Leave Your Team

Remember that Dirty Bomb is a game that pays you for team play. You cannot even see your kill/death ratio until the match is over. Concentrate on your team and get rewarded. With all the team activities – sticking together, reviving and re-providing your teammates and staying close to the objective gains you experience. Well, as a veteran, playing solo can gain you success; but you will find that more experienced players are generally aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and try staying in groups of even 2-3 players. To your surprise, you will stay in life much longer just by working together!

2. Learn Maps and their Objectives

Still many players don’t play objectives. Repairing or planting C4 objectives not only helps your team to proceed, but also bestows much more points on you, and thereby credits, at the end of a mission. Even though your team’s overall performance is bad, you can still leave your mark at the score table, thus making the loss much bearable in form of money as well as gaining XP.

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3. Understand Each Class, Change and Play Often

This is indescribably important. Each class has benefits and weaknesses you must know about in the first place; so, come out of your comfort zone and utilize the weekly merc rotation – it’s free. While selecting a merc, don’t only consider gun loadout or raw damage output, since several of the weapons in Dirty Bomb pose comparable damage. Focus on your class capabilities instead and play what is needed by your team at that time.

4. Try Improving Your Movement

As mentioned earlier, Dirty Bomb has a tremendous fast pace and is pretty similar to games like Unreal Tournament or Quake. You are able to jump of walls successively twice, which make you less predictive in addition to enabling you to take shortcuts or climb up to elevated spots.

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5. Get Your Desired Class by Trying Multiple Loadouts

Dirty Bomb is a game where you can get loadout cards much easily. You may not get the best drops initially, but you can try getting your desired loadouts by exchanging your bad cards to something better. E.g. a bronze level loadout in exchange of your desired class can gain significant passive effects.

These tips can be of great use to you if you are a novice, by helping you avoid early mistakes and spend your hard-earned credits carefully. Have fun with Dirty Bomb!

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