7 Surefire Final Fantasy XIV Gil Tips

FFXIV GilIt’s been around a year by now since the PS4 unveiling of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn; but still its magic captivates gamers’ minds, many of whom have entered the world of Eorzea, started their venture to become a hero and soon found that Eorzea citizens too have to earn a living, with their currency, Gil. Gil is required for many chores, buying or repairing equipment, buff-food and portions and also for teleporting, which is comfortable, yet damn expensive! So, what you need the most is money – not only in the real world, but in the virtual world too! But there are ways to earn it of which one is to buy cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil and others are as follows.

1. Quests

It’s fortunate that there are lots of quests in FFXIV because they reward you with Gil. In addition, they also offer you a chance to choose another item, amongst which there are often Allagan Pieces, that can be traded for Gil.

2. Dungeons

Finishing a dungeon is a way to collect nice cash and unusual items to craft with. And upon reaching Level 50 you will get Tomestomes too which you can trade for crafting materials that are rather pricey and can sell very well.

3. Crafting

Crafting is an excellent way to get something constantly. Some players leave their crafters’ leveling as it may be pricey, unless you farm all you require for yourself. However it pays in the long run. Crafting low-level high-end items will be a simple task and other beginners will choose them their craft leveled sooner.

4. Challenge Log

Challenge Log can be unlocked on Level 15 by doing the “Rising to the Challenge” quest. It will give you plenty of small challenges, many of which come with a financial reward and they are reset weekly. If you complete all challenges at Level 50, 50,000 Gil straight to your bank account!

5. Gathering

This is perhaps the simplest task – just go on collecting items and sell them! You can even craft them into better items to get higher price. Take care to do a research on the Market Board.

6. Converting

Actually converting can earn you quite a lot of Gil, but it is often overlooked. While you craft, gather or fight, your equipment will obtain Spiritbond. Upon reaching 100%, you can convert the equipment to Materia. Depending on its type, the Materia can sometimes give you very good value on the market.

7. Market Board

Just spending time with the Market Board, you can make a fortune! Observe the rise and fall of prices, and, buy at low and sell at high!

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