Aero’s Quest – A Fantastic New Game to Make A Grand Entry

aero's questAero’s Quest, an exciting 2D puzzle game is about to make a grand entry with over 100 colorful levels in the final release that are split up in 10 different worlds containing platforms, enemies, obstacles and great fun. The game is being developed for PC/Windows, Linux, Mac/OS X and majority of consoles and appeals gamers for support through Aero’s Quest Steam Greenlight.


Aero loves Ariella so much that he would do anything to make her happy. But a villain has arisen in the story – the evil Andraus – who has been obsessed by the charming beauty of Ariella to the extent that he can kidnap her and can convert Aero into a bare metal piece and also all the machines and robots he has created. However, we can see the strength of love which Aero has for Areilla. When Andraus kidnaps Ariella, Aero escapes from his transformed metal form and taking benefit of his brand new “organs” jumps higher and runs faster so as to start his quest against the villain to save his beloved Ariella.

Aero and Ariella

Aero and Ariella



The player has the control of Aero at all the levels of the game. Each level introduces the cell where Andraus puts Ariella behind laser bars. You can open the cage only by turning a specific number of switches scattered around from red to green. Only if you can turn all the switches green the cell will open and Aero can enter in with a hope to meet Ariella. But alas! Andraus is always nearby and while you attempt to save Ariella, he will adopt a new way to vanish together with Ariella, thus taking the player to another room.



All these rooms are loaded with enemies and obstacles created by Andraus and tricky scenarios that increase the toughness throughout the progression of the game. One more challenge is the limited time within which Aero should finish the room.

Mystery Man

Mystery Man


Steam Greenlight Campaign for Aero’s Quest – What is it?

Steam Greenlight is a campaign that enlists the help of the Steam community to choose some new games to be launched on Steam. For this, developers have to post information about their games, screenshots and videos, and thereby gain a community support so as to get chosen for distribution. This type of campaign is also useful for developers in getting feedback from potential customers and starting the formation of an active community throughout their game in the process of development. Once a game gets Greenlit, the developer receives an e-mail which notifies the developer about Greenlighting of their game and they are invited to complete the digital paperwork. So, if you want Aero’s Quest to come on Steam, you can rate it up on their website and help them.

forest 2

Aero’s Quest on IndieGoGo

An IndieGoGo campaign has started too so as to enable you to get a better form of Aero’s Quest. So, you can also support the game to get something in return.


Showcase in 2015 at Pax South

Aero’s Quest will be displayed in the New Year, at Pax South, San Antonio, TX on 23rd, 24th and 25th January 2015. Here you will get a chance to play on the newest build of the game and get free goodies too. You can also leave your feedback.


Take a look at the Greenlight bundle of Aero’s Quest which is a bundle of 8 best games on greenlight for this month and you can get 8 exciting latest builds for merely $1 and if you up-vote the relative greenlight pages, you will also get Steam keys of those games once they are launched. Fantastic offer, isn’t it? You shouldn’t miss it!

So, never waste time! Support Aero’s Quest to get onto Steam and also visit their greenlight bundle on groupee to get exciting new games along with Aero’s Quest!

Watch the fun trailer of the game here:

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