Animal Sounds App – Let Your Baby Learn in a Super Fun Way

15 Animal Sounds to ExploreIt’s great fun watching babies learning. They can’t read or talk, nor do they understand completely what you are telling them. Their eyes, ears, tongue and skin are the only sources of knowledge for them, which they make a thorough use of. Taking this into consideration, here’s a great app which can help babies identify animals and their sounds – Animal Sounds Game for Babies available on Google Play for free!

Animal Sounds app has been developed by Kissta Koala by combining high quality graphics with colors that babies will love, sounds that they will enjoy hearing and remembering and a song that they will love to dance on. They thoroughly enjoy the learning process through this app because animals and their sounds are demonstrated before them through fun interactions. The animation is awesome, paired with cute, realistic sound effects that babies would adore. The animation has been created with great efforts, which is evident from the graphics. However, it’s the beauty of the app that it is super easy for even the youngest of the kids. Your kid has to just tap the screen and s/he will see a pig snorting, a kangaroo jumping or a monkey scratching and will be extremely amused, along with learning about all these animals and their sounds and gestures alongside.

Animal Sounds app

Outstanding Features of Animal Sounds

  • Super easy to use, even for the youngest of the babies
  • A delightful animal song on which your baby can dance and get amused even more after s/he has enough of learning about all the animals and their sounds
  • Your baby will not only learn animal sounds, but also first words, actions and reactions
  • High quality graphics and sounds that will easily catch your baby’s attention and keep her/him engaged in the learning process
  • This is one of the best apps for kids as young as even six months

Download Animal Sounds app now for free and let your baby enjoy as well as learn in a super fun way!

15 Animal Sounds to Explore

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