Ark: Survival Evolved – Enjoy Walking and Flying in Beautiful Environments

Ark - Survival EvolvedHave you ever imagined what will happen if you leave alone in this world? Or if you are left on an isolated island? What would you do? Would you be depressed, sitting your head in your knees or would you try to build a house for you and try to survive? Ark: Survival Evolved teaches you how to try surviving when you are left on an unknown island without even wearing anything.

Ark: Survival Evolved is a first-person survival game which makes you wake up on one fine morning naked on an island and without sitting in rest even for a moment, you have to start fending for yourself. However, there is the kicker! If you die, you are quite so. So, you have to form a new character and start from scratch, thus survival becomes even more important.

It should be mentioned that the game is not really great for newcomers. It has no tutorials on how to proceed and what to do, making it overall daunting, since the survival thing appears rather soon. You become a bit hungry in the first gaming session and have to eat something, fast! Well, to stay healthy you have to defecate too, regularly!

Ark - Survival Evolved

If you manage somehow to survive for long enough, you will come to know that you are not all alone on the island. The island is full of dinosaurs and they are deadly for your character, especially in the beginning. Avoiding them is the best strategy until you are prepared to confront them.

Gather, Gather, Gather and Craft, Craft, Craft

These two actions are the most important in the game. It will enable you to generate weapons, armor, clothes and shelter. It will significantly change how you play the game and you can breathe a bit. And if you manage to join a tribe or settlement of people, it will normally be better since it will enhance your quality of life.

shelter built in ark survival evolved

Dealing with Dinosaurs

Once you do gathering and crafting well, next challenge for you is the dinosaurs! The game allows you not only to fight with them, but also tame them and ride them. You can use them to pull inventory and even protect you while you sleep.

riding a giant kangaroo

Beware of Other Players

However, dinosaurs are not the most hazardous creatures in the game. Other dangerous creatures are the other players. They are smarter and you will soon go to fight with them. And when you stop playing i.e. you are asleep, you are prone to get attacked. Protecting yourself from your opponents is actually what this game is about, since there are several ruthless players in this game and you should be ready for that.

Scorched Earth DLC

There is also the Scorched Earth DLC in the game, which puts you on a new map with new, fantastic creatures, including dragons. This is an interesting turn on the main game with which the gameplay or the basics don’t change, but at the same time, puts a deeper spin on the normal objectives.

Superb Environment


The game is great to look at with a great variety of environments which you can explore. The way your character reacts to those environments is utmost appealing. Sounds are fantastic and are generally serene ambient sounds on the island. Graphics and colors are extremely charming creating beautiful landscapes and waterscapes. Overall, you will feel pleasant while playing.

flying in pleasant environment


So far the game has 18 trophies, including one Platinum and rest distributed as 9 Gold, 5 Silver and 3 Bronze. Most of them can be obtained quite easily for tasks like taming and riding dinosaurs and leveling with your dinosaur. A few are harder to obtain i.e. you have to defeat the final bosses which definitely takes more time. Not to mention because of the permadeath factor, you definitely should be prepared for those combats.

All in all, Ark: Survival Evolved is a game which you can master slowly and once you master it, you will thoroughly enjoy it. If nothing else, the game will certainly give you the pleasure of walking and flying in wonderful landscapes.

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