Aura Kingdom – Tips for Leveling Up Fast

Aura Kingdom Gold IGXEIf you have not yet started playing Aura Kingdom, I must tell you that it’s fantastic MMORPG in a fantasy setting and you are sure to enjoy it while working with other players, completing quests and leveling up in various skills all through the game. You can take up some time to level up, but there are ways to optimize your gameplay to reduce the duration of time you may take to progress in the game.

Completing the Main Quest Line

Completing the main quest line is the most straightforward and easiest way to level up. If you finish all the main story quests you can easily go to level 40. You will also be rewarded by this with Aura Kingdom gold, Eidolons and equipment.

How to Find the Main Quest

Press M to open your map. You can also click the enlarge key near your minimap. You can see the golden quest “!” icon. This indicates that the NPC has a quest for you.

Most of the time, the main quests are connected and once you are done you will be directed to the next step by the NPCs. With this, it becomes easier for you to level up, since you can proceed to the next quest easily.

In the main quests you may have to slay monsters and get an additional experience apart from the quest reward. There may also be raiding of dungeons in both normal and solo modes. Each raid of dungeon will give you a sizeable amount of EXP once you finish it. You will also be rewarded with gold, in addition to receiving crystal fragments and equipment drops. You can use them while buying potions, upgrading weapons and doing several other tasks.

Daily Quests

You can find daily quests in any city. You can just open the map and find the quest “!” icons in blue color. They are reset everyday so that you can complete them. They offer you a decent experience and also, gold, crafting materials and Eidolon fragments that can be exchanged for key fragments.

At the bottom right of the screen you will get the Aura Kingdom Journal tab which will show what type of quest NPC hold and their location. Every map usually has three daily quests – one dungeon, one monster-slaying and one item-collection. Ensure that the quest is within the tenth level from your present level.

From bulletin boards in each map, you can take fame quests too. They hold special quests. Once you accept one of them, you will be teleported to a particular place and will be given a task. You will enjoy this and level up, in addition to being rewarded mystery boxes and fragments.

It’s good if before proceeding with the available story quests, you do all your daily quests. Your main quests will become much easier by the levels you obtain from the daily quests.

Several players of Aura Kingdom at higher levels choose to do daily quest than taking up combats with random enemies. They gather fragments by this which help them unlock new Eidolons.

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