Battlefield Review

battlefield-1Battlefield truly explains the brutality and savagery of World War 1. Even from the start, the theme of the death prevails and prolog tells us about the inevitability of the death. Whenever you start a multiplayer game, you will hear the screams of a burning man. The locations featured in the game are on the continental scale, and these are so large that you will think that a large portion of the earth is shown in it. The game clearly depicts that how 20 century was in technological transition and at the same time it also shows excellently crafted fictional narratives. If you take into account both the single player story and the multiplayer missions, the overall game is enthralling and amazing.

Battlefield 1 as a Campaign

There are many instances of games as well as movies where we can find the horrors of world war in the form of narratives, but battlefield 1 is not only a narrative but it is also a campaign. Overall when you play the game, you will feel that it has a more focused experience than the previous games. The interesting thing about the game is that all the interesting stories are not linked in a linear manner so can play the game in what manner you like. As you play the game, you will come to see the different perspectives each with the eyes of a different person.  You will also notice that each story in the game is also presented with a different flavor. The t-shirt for this game can be purchased from Sunfrog and you may get discount by using coupons.

Vehicular Section

If you pay some attention to the vehicular section of the game, you will notice that you are introduced to different first generation tanks and fighter jets that were the latest pieces of technology in that day. Moving through the mud and blood, you can consider a Mark V tank a character in its own right.

Open-Space Combat

If you play the game in the multiplayer mode, you will notice that the game remains faithful to the open-space fighting, and while you fight in the open space, the addition of weapons and vehicles add further charm to the game. You will find many interesting operations in which one side will try to move forward while the other will try to hold it back, and it will take you hours to complete these operations and you won’t even notice that hours have passed because of the beautiful and interesting operations.

Historical Context

Different operations are not isolated entirely; instead, they also give you some historical context which binds all the operations with a thread. In this way, you are able to better understand the overall scenario of the game. This game can be purchase from G2A and you may use discount code to save.


Whenever you are playing a game like this, maps are very important because they tell you about the surroundings. The maps in battlefield 1 are also interesting and strategically helpful. These tell you about the ruins, battlefields, and it will take you some time to memorize the advantageous strategic points because of the vastness of the maps.

In short, we can say that a game gives us an outstanding glimpse of World War 1 by allowing us to participate in it.

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