Become a Pro Gamer and Earn from What You Love the Most

teamcraftGaming today has come far afield since it had just started and when gamers used to strive only to get the top score at only their local arcade. Today is the time for eSports or electronic sports which are organized competitions of video gaming and are gaining increasing popularity and more and more gamers are trying to become pro competitors.

Pro gamers today are competing across the world at events like The International Dota 2 championship, MLG (Major League Gaming) circuit and Intel Extreme Masters. MLG has even built dedicated arenas for hosting and streaming professional gaming events, and even has appointed scouts as well as communities to get to the best untapped gamers. All in all, gaming has not remained just a fun affair but has become a serious business.

If you want to throw yourself into this extremely lucrative business and make a career in it, you will need a lot of hard work. You will have to do a lot of practice and here’s where a new tool named TeamCraft can be of a lot of help. Here are some tips that will help you achieve your goal.

Practice a Lot with the Help of TeamCraft

To become a pro gamer, you will need a lot of practice for which you will have to create a team and with TeamCraft you can do it with ease. TeamCraft helps you to find a team or create one with whom you can practice for tournaments day and night. With the team, you can plan strategies ahead of time to deal with any challenge or objective the game can present.

Per se, TeamCraft is a tool that you need not use only for tournaments or professional gaming; for everyday gaming too you can use it because they have the most popular games as well as the latest games, for which you can plan your team or expansions up to 7 days ahead, and have optimal fun! So, TeamCraft can be of great help to you as you won’t have to wait till the last minute to check who will be playing the newest games right upon their release. It’s available on Google Play and App Store too.

Choose a Game

Back to professional gaming… choose a game at which you are good – with practice you will become outstanding at it. After choosing the game, next you should build your reputation both as a team player and a single skilled player.

Motivate Yourself

The hope of winning is a big motivator for a professional (and also leisurely) gamer. Other motivational factors are money, family and passion. Keep motivating yourself and stay on track of achieving your goals.

Collect Gear

For testing your skill levels from time to time, your gear should be excellent. You need not have the hottest PC in the market; it’s important to have one with the best performance and which would suit your lifestyle.

You can even have a light thin gaming notebook to meet up with your teammates or ensure that your practice doesn’t stop or slow down while traveling.

You can also get sponsored for the required equipment to participate in tournaments.

Know the Rules of Community

As important as your gaming talent as an individual player is your talent as a team player. So, know the rules of the gaming community you will be joining and become the best as a team player.

Now You Are Ready To Enter Tournaments!

When you are equipped with all the above features and people, you can enter tournaments. Find as many local and online tournaments as you can and test your skills in them. Tournaments go on year round, so, you won’t have any problem in that. But for getting recognition as a pro gamer, you will have to win at live events; but that will bring you both – respect as well as money.

You can earn a living by becoming a pro gamer and this is the right way to live – earning from what you love the most!

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