Blood of Steel – Analyze and Enjoy the Game before Release

Blood of SteelThere is good news for those who might be thinking that no new MOBA will be seen again because the genre seemed to be burned fast and bright. An announcement was made by Evolution Studio, YC Games’ Chinese-based in-house development studio, that players could join the Closed Beta demo on Steam of their free-to-play PvP MOBA game Blood of Steel on PC and closed beta started and is now going to end today i.e. 12th Dec.

While YC Games’s Blood of Steel gets almost impressively underwhelming gameplay trailer, the beta test is running on 3 servers, 1 for Asia, 1 for the Americas and 1 for Europe. For the entire duration of the gameplay of Blood of Steel, functional stability, technical aspects and balance is being tested by collecting feedback from the players before the release of the game on 9th January 2020.

Evolution Studio has been working on BoS for past some time and now they’ve made a significant progress in building the game so as to pass the game through closed beta outside China.

The game seems to bring many plus points to gamers and a few downsides. Here are a few of both of them.

There are different heroes from different time periods. They fight against each other on gigantic battlefields, such as Joan of Arc, Guan Yu from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, King Leonides of Sparta and even Alexander the Great.

The good part here is that player has an army that they can command. Much similar to Mount & Blade, they can command their troops and also apply strategic implementation of formations as well as defensive positions to defend against incoming enemy charges or volleys.

Even in one gameplay images the Spartans can be seen turtling to save themselves against incoming attacks, which shows that there are layers to the war.

The need to capture chokepoints and take your troops towards victory can be an amazing venture; however, conquering command posts may seem rather confusing and there is the AI all over the place.

Nevertheless, BoS is still in the development stage and the developers are running it through the CBT to rectify any issues before the release date.

If the combat is made more refined and enclose the AI in, the game will hopefully turn out to be nicer.

You can get a slice of BoS with the trailer before its release. So, analyze it and enjoy!

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