Brainy – Keep Testing Your Brain’s Abilities

BrainyDo you love puzzles that have the ability to truly puzzle your brain? Do you love to get lost in brain games and keep thinking for hours and finally found out the correct solution and shout “eureka!”? Or you love keep teasing your memory and testing it if it is working okay or not? Whatever way you want to test your brain’s ability, your passion for brain puzzles have now got a brand new food, in form of an android puzzle game – Brainy!

What is Brainy and How to Play It?

Brainy is an android puzzle game app wherein you will get balls of two colors and you will need to tap the screen and match each of the ball color with its associated color of balls you can see in the center of the screen. The player should aim at rotating the balls at the center in such a way that their colors will be matched.

brainy 1

On the face of it, Brainy is quite simple. However, it is extremely effective in grabbing your attention and strengthening your memory. In the process, it creates tremendous fun! You just have to focus your attention, spin balls, match colors and win! The global leader board of the game puts you in a fun competition.

brainy 3

Benefits you get from Brainy are:

  • Improve your memory
  • Enhance your attentiveness
  • Enable you to take decisions fast
  • Improves your overall intelligence

Prominent Features of Brainy

  • Super easy to understand game
  • Expert design
  • Simplistic yet brilliantly created graphics
  • Fun for all ages
  • Superb physics engine

Brainy’s control and input are surprisingly well-designed and brings you a never-before fun.

Other Features

  • You can win achievements
  • You can enjoy a friendly competition on a global level
  • Brainy provides wonderful challenge for your brain skills

If you think that you always feel shortage of brain games, Brainy is for you. Being an android app, you can play it wherever and whenever you want, even on the go. Download it from Google Play and have fun!

Brainy 2

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