Clever Kiwi – Cute Little Bird with Outstanding Intelligence

young kiwiDo you love birds? I love them a lot! And I also love their pictures and cartoons. If you are like me, you are certainly going to love the news that a new game app with a gameplay of a cute little bird, whose name is Clever Kiwi which is the game’s name too, is soon going to be available on Google Play Store.


The cute small Kiwi was unfortunate to be born without wings. When he was young, he would always lag behind while his friends flew to great heights and for long distances across countries. But though he was unfortunate, Kiwi Bird is neither pitiable nor poor; he is clever! With his innate cleverness, he finds out many skills while his friends are away. And with that, the adorable little Kiwi Bird beats his misfortune. It’s extremely delightful to watch the adventures of Little Kiwi.

Kiwi's freinds flying away

Adventures and Inventions

All his friends fly away, while Clever Kiwi utilizes the time when he is alone, in finding ways with which he could fly. And he succeeds! He learns to fly with methods like jet engine and more. The tiny bird has got a well equipped laboratory cum workshop where he invents innovative ways with which he flies.

Kiwi Learns flying

Clever Kiwi has no wings, but he has a super possession – his intellect! With this tremendous brain, he overcomes his pitiful situation and starts traveling!

lab of clever kiwi

Have only a little patience. Clever Kiwi is soon going to be available and will delight you with his adorable looks, outstanding cleverness and adventurous nature.

clever kiwi flying

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