Coffee Crisis – An Exciting, Hilarious, Colorful Game that You Must Play

Coffee CrisisIf you are looking for a game with an alien-based theme, here’s an excellent game – Coffee Crisis. This is a brand new launch by Mega Cat Studios for the Sega Genesis system and is indicative of the classic arcade brawlers with an exclusive premise.


Smurglien is an alien race that has arrived on Earth and wants to take the total control of the planet and its resources. Heroes of Coffee Crisis are two employees from the Black Forge Coffee House, named Nick and Ashley. Nick has a coffee bean bag whereas Ashley employs a coffee grinder against the aliens.

Nick and Ashley are aimed at saving the earth from the extraterrestrial threat and the Earth’s music, coffee and Wi-Fi.

Coffee Crisis features a hilarious blend of enemies that players will come across. These include, The Bros, Skinny Chestknee, Darth Brooks and Due Tailgator. You will find a lot of funny puns and jabs across the campaign that will make you laugh.

Nick and Ashley are all about the awesome hot brews from Black Forge Coffee House and also their heavy metal tunes. Actually there is a real business under that name in PA and a prosperous one too. Its involvement in a great Genesis game that has connection in all the elements from the storyline is a wonderful trait and very creative. It has been developed with huge care and will definitely win the heart of any Sega fan who happens to spot it.

Players can lead the fight on their own with Nick; but a better alternative is to play with a friend through local couch co-op as Ashley. Several ways to take enemies out exist including a charged or standard attack, bats, swords, throws and even a unique spinning move that is awesome while dealing with all 8 bosses or while dealing with multiple opponents at a time.

You can get multiple levels of difficulty such as Easy, Normal and Metal for the hardcore players.

You can also get caffeinated power-ups dropped from enemies once beat. They help overcome any damage you’ve taken in your mission. Upon finishing a level, you will get a password with which you can choose where you were last beaten. This is a great feature and another way of Mega Cat Studios of tapping into the celebrated 16-bit Genesis era.

The music is exceptional with 12 metal tracks to make your blood pump as you cross every stage and settle the score with the extraterrestrial intruders.

Animation, colors and sprite are outstanding, displaying some fantastic detail on this iconic platform.

All in all, Coffee Crisis has a classic co-op beat ‘em up gameplay and colorful vibrant sprites that are going to appeal you. So, start playing and enjoy!

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