Dead Island – Enjoy the Nice Features

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Dead IslandWhen Dead Island hit the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in 2011, it earned a mixed response. Some gamers definitely liked it, whereas some others didn’t. Some accepted that it certainly has so many strong points, but also that it has some flaws.

As Dead Island 2, now in the hands of its fourth studio, is still shambling onward, gamers would like to remember the original Dead Island game, its storyline, characters and other aspects.

Dead Island is set on the island of Banoi, where a sudden zombie outbreak takes place. You will be one of the four characters who are stuck on the tropical deathtrap.

Since your character is safe from virus, the island’s other survivors choose you to send out to perform their dirty jobs and scavenge for supplies. This is pretty logical. You’ll send out a guy who cannot turn into a zombie upon getting bitten.

The essence of what you’ll do on the Banoi Island is looting and, naturally, killing crowds of zombies. Combat is brutal and satisfying and you can realize the good feeling of using a nail hammer to hit into a zombie’s face.

Weapons are essential for survival in Dead Island and all through the course of your quest for survival, you face everything from rickety wooden paddles to strong machetes. You also come across various weapon mods along the journey and by mixing up seemingly useless items, you can loot some of the strongest weapons and you can form something as striking as an electric crowbar or a nail bat.

Although you’ll enjoy crafting in Dead Island, a few times you’d also come across an unchanged mace or machete that would be much sturdier and more durable than what you’d create.

When it comes to durability, that’s one of the components that shines in the game. You cannot just produce a weapon of mass devastation and breeze through Dead Island. The more you use a weapon, the more you’ll expend its durability. You can keep your items attached at workbenches; but you should be careful about their condition while going on quests, and this is extremely brilliant as it makes the combat interesting.

You’ll enjoy the game the most in the first few hours. Gathering weaker weapons and needing to dish out punishment to destroy zombies can be far more satisfying than just cutting their heads off with the modified ripper weapon.

The RPG elements that enable you to level up and improve various skill trees also add a great touch to the overall experience. Give a try to Dead Island to enjoy its nice features till Dead Island 2 arrives.

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