Demo PSP – Great Way to Try Games

demo PSP

What if you purchase a game and afterwards find out that it is not good? Obviously you will be irritated as your money is wasted and you have to either keep looking at the game or delete it with a heavy heart! All these options are annoying, yet have a simple solution called demo PSP! You can download first the demo of the game and then if you like it, you can buy, not making you repent on your purchase!

PSP or PlayStation Portable is a great device which you can use for playing games, watching movies, videos, TV programs, and much more while on the go. And you can also access internet through a wireless linkage! There are many, many free downloads available on the official PlayStation website.

Whenever you want to download a demo of a game on your PSP, you can simply visit the official website of Sony. But there are also many websites which offer this facility; you can visit any of them. These websites offer innumerable game demos and also give information and reviews about them, so that you can choose wisely.


Pay attention to the language of the demo. This is because all the game demos are not available in all languages.

How to Download

A good way is to download the zip file of the demos on your desktop first. That way you can find it easily. After you download it, extract the zip file with WinRAR or Winzip, which will form a sub-folder of the demos. Save it into a location where you can find it easily.


Then, connect your PSP to your computer using the USB cable. Open ‘My Computer’ and wait for a while to let your PC register the PSP linkage. When it does that, open the newly formed ‘removable drive’, the term given to it. Then drag the folder you got earlier at the time of extracting the demo on your PSP in the folder named Games. You will have to wait again till the completion of the transfer. Disconnect your PSP from the computer. That’s it!

Now run the PSP and scroll on the home screen over to game, and then down to ‘memory stick’ and then run the game demo. Now, you can look if a purchase is in order or if you have to search for another game.

A Fun Option

If you are eager to get free PSP demos, you can get a good download service and for the price of one game, you can have access to thousands of downloadable videos, games, movies, music and much more!


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