Download Amazon App Store to Your Android Phone with these Easy Steps

air attack shooting gameIf you are an ardent gamer, Amazon Appstore is like a boon to you because it offers some of the best mobile games on the market. Downloading Amazon Appstore to your Android device is extremely easy. Once downloaded, it gives you access to numerous fun games and apps, and you can enjoy playing them anywhere, anytime. E.g. you can get access to which has got an extensive array of games in numerous genres like Action, Arcade, Adventure, Casino, Multiplayer, Sports, Board, Cards and many more.

Start downloading Amazon Appstore from Google Play. Once the process starts, go to the Settings of your Android phone and click Applications or Security. You will see the option of Unknown Sources. Check it off. Then go to Downloads or Notifications and click Install. You will have to sign in and give your Amazon details.

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Ensure that you have a correct billing address listed on your 1-Click settings. Next, log on to Amazon and click Manage Addresses, and then click 1-Click Settings. You should give an accurate billing address even though the game you will be downloading is free.

Now open the Amazon Appstore and browse through it to find the game you want to download.

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Click Get Now (if the game is free) or Buy Now (if the game is paid). Go to Amazon Appstore menu and click My Apps. You can now see the newly-installed app below the Cloud tab.

Sometimes it happens that there is a problem in opening the app via the Amazon Appstore menu. If this happens to you, try to open the Amazon app and select the Apps & Games tab. Keep in mind, that you should have Android 5.0 or further, to be able to use the Apps & Games tab.

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If you still don’t see the app, try clicking Refresh button. Check your inbox to see whether there is an order confirmation mail. If there is no message (mail) that tells you something about the app you just downloaded, you will be required to re-download the app.

If you still cannot access the app, you will have to check the free space available on your phone. Maybe your device has no enough free space to accommodate the app and so, you are finding problems in downloading the app. In that case, you will have to create a free space for the app, by removing previous apps or other contents from your phone.

By installing Amazon Appstore on your Android phone, you can have fun with numerous game apps which are otherwise paid, but on Amazon Appstore they are free. So, as a gamer you are always at profit.

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