Dragon Crush – A Fun Combo of Dragon and Candy Crush

Dragon CrushIf you are in love with dragons or candy crush or both, I have good news for you! Here is a game for you that combines both – Dragon Crush! You have a chance to play an all new match 3 game with dragons! Dragon Crush is developed by Lim Kean Sin and is available on iTunes to buy. So, download the app and start having fun!


Dragon Crush is the story of a boy named Lando who starts his adventure in the world of dragons. You should help him to match up 3 or more than 3 similar-looking dragon friends either horizontally or vertically. You can purchase any powerful feature which you can use to boost your speed. For the purchase you should have coins which you can earn during the game.


There are a variety of fun dragons in Dragon Crush, like:

  • Fina: Fire dragon in charge of the fire element
  • Wade: Water dragon in charge of the water element
  • Wido: Wood dragon in charge of all plants
  • Galt: Ground dragon – you can see him playing always in mud
  • Tore: Thunder dragon – she can light up everything
  • Lovely: Love dragon – she spreads love all through the world
  • Dax: Darkness dragon – the most dangerous one

Dragon Crush dragonsDragon Crush dragons

Dragon Crush Features

Dragon Crush has 3 modes:

  1. Level Mode: In level mode, you can take the adventure as long as possible for you
  2. Time Mode: You get a limited time, within which you have to try to make as much as you can
  3. Endless Mode: Here you can play as much as you like and make plenty of coins

Dragon Crush play modes

Dragon Crush also provides special power-ups:

  • Chameleon: You can become a dragon to match your mania
  • Magic Net: You can remove all animals of one particular type in a single move
  • Platypus Trap: You can trap a platypus and remove him from the screen
  • Clues: You can use clues when you are unable to find matching

Dragon Crush powerups

Dragon Crush provides various fun backgrounds:

  • Boom Town Volcano
  • Lonely Island
  • City Slicker
  • And many more!

So, what are you waiting for? Download Dragon Crush app and enjoy playing a dragon game and Candy Crush Saga simultaneously!

Dragon Crush

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