Enjoy Minecraft Much More with Great Minecraft Recipes, Tips and Tricks

minecraft recipesMinecraft is a mind-blowing game. There would be hardly a gamer in this world that has not been driven by this game. Its colors, its ambience, its skill levels and its captivation – all are superb and so, no wonder, it has got so many fans. One such passionate fan is WeAreMinecrafters.com who offers great tips and tricks, news and stories about this wonderful game, and numerous Minecraft recipes too, and also run great contests for Minecraft fans like you.

Make Your Game More Interesting

If you are finding any difficulties in playing Minecraft, you can always approach WeAreMinecrafters.com. But even if you are a Minecraft pro, you can make your game more interesting and enjoyable with the tips and tricks found on the website. For example, there is a “How To” section here, where there are tips like “How to survive the first day and night”, “How to brew different potions”, “How to farm” and more. Just click them and you will get step-by-step instructions to make your game more fun.

How to Farm

How to Farm

Minecraft Recipes

WeAreMinecrafters.com has also got a number of Minecraft recipes for you, including the basic recipes like Wood Planks, Crafting Table, Chest, Wooden Slabs, Sticks, Painting, Door and Ladder, Building Block recipes like Andesite, Polished Andesite, Dark Prismarine, Prismarine, Sea Lantern, Granite and Prismarine Bricks, Decoration Blocks like Glass Pane, Carpet, Armor Stand and Pot, Food recipes like Cookie, Bread, Cake, Mushroom and Pumpkin Seeds, and many, many more.

There is a “Miscellaneous” section too in the recipes, where you will get recipes that cannot be categorized in the give types. For example, there are recipes of Paper, Book, Fire Charge, Empty Map, and many more.minecraft recipes



There are a number of contests too which are very easy and there are lovely prizes, like sunglasses, wristbands, creeper plush toy, and so on. Anyone can participate in the competition and win prizes. They also have plans to bring much better prizes upon getting a good response.minecraft recipes


Minecraft Mobs

On WeAreMinecrafters.com you will also get various Minecraft Mobs like Pig, Cow, Mushroom Cow, Bats, Chicken and more.

Minecraft mob - chicken

Minecraft mob – chicken

All in all, just visiting WeAreMinecrafters.com is sheer fun. Take a look at some of the pictures of their recipes in this article and many more on the website, and you will realize that. Regularly visiting it will add much more excitement to your gaming life with Minecraft. So, what are you waiting for? Log into WeAreMinecrafters.com and have fun!

minecraft recipes

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