Farming Methods to Earn Gold in ArcheAge for F2P Players

ArcheAgeThe increasing popularity of ArcheAge has increased the demand for ArcheAge gold too. You can make gold by planting, mining, crafting or trading, and also you can buy cheap safe ArcheAge gold at a reliable online seller. Here we discuss the way of farming in ArcheAge to gain gold, especially if you are a non-patron (free-to-play) players.

Every 5 minutes, patron players get 10 Labor Points, but F2P players get only 5. Moreover, farms and houses can be placed by only Patrons. So, is there any way to farm if you are not paying? Yes, there are some options, like:

  1. “Illegal farms”
  2. Use of family and guild land
  3. Public farms

Before proceeding with learning more about these methods, keep in mind that Labor Points are not used for tending to crops and livestock, but 10 points per crops are used for planting “illegal” crops.

As Labor Points accumulate very slowly on free accounts, each point spent is valuable. Therefore consider carefully what you want to raise before starting it and schedule harvesting so as not to miss a beat.

“Illegal” Farms

These can either benefit you or hit you hard. “Illegal” farms means raising crops or livestock outside public farms of housing areas, usually amid the rocky mountain ranges in the game. Though this sounds quite nice, it involves a lot of risk and placing farms this way will cost 10 Labor Points each. Also, you cannot start this method till you get your first glider, because you should explore the mountains to find safe planting zones.

Another risk is anyone can come and destroy or harvest your crop or animals. Though they will be punished with Infamy Points for this, you will lose your gold as well as Labor Points.

On the plus side, it’s easy to steal “illegal” crops of other players for your own.

Family and Guild Lands

If you want to farm on family and guild lands, a paying player should add you to her/his guild or family, and offer their land to guild or family use. There is a risk in this and so you cannot expect an unknown player to accept you as their family or guild member. So, you have to make friends if you want to achieve this.

Public Farms

Public farms enable you to grow your own livestock, sprouts or seeds and none can steal it, for at least 24 hours. But after 24 hours anyone can do that. Depending upon the specialized things you can have, you come across four types of public farms – sprouts, seeds, mounts or livestock. The limit of one farm is not carried over to another type of farm.

So, this is one way of earning ArcheAge gold – farming! But if you want to gain it fast, buying it is a sure and safe way. is an excellent place to buy ArcheAge Gold. They are reliable and reputable online sellers of video game merchandise supplying the world for years.


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