Fiends – Unlimited Fun with Monsters

fiendsDo you like monsters? Hardly, I am sure! But some monsters are really cute, like that in the new AA mobile game, Fiends, by Hakan Tatar and available on Google Play as well as App Store for free! Here there are six monsters that you will never hate! They are so adorable!

What is Fiends?

Fiends is an addictive mobile game in which you will get a chance to test your eye-hand coordination and improve it too.

The game has a setting of a remote world where there are six monsters more or less looking like colorful clouds having tentacles. These monsters are tremendously fast and keep rotating, and what you have to do is to shoot between their tentacles! To complete a level, you have to avoid shooting the arms.six cute monsters


The monsters being so fast make you excited enough to make it too hard for you to put down the game. This is the best way to see how accurately your brain works with your eyes and hands. There are thousands of levels to complete, making the game challenging at every level and exciting you more and more, taking you to the ultimate monster encounter.

make friends with monsters

Pleasant for Eyes

With their six different adorable colors and different colored tentacles, the monsters make the game delightful to look at. The way they laugh and show their gapped teeth, or raise their eyebrows and wide open their eyes which may be two or three, or frown and look frightened, or become angry – everything is cute.

Watch this lovely video:

Here are some awesome features of Fiends:

  • 6 very cute monsters which are equally vicious
  • 2000 levels full of challenges
  • Increased challenge with each level
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Attractive graphics

Fiends is free and is available in multiple languages, like Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, English, Filipino, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Japanese and Turkish!

It is available for free on Google Play and App Store and soon will be available on Amazon Store and Windows Store. So, download now and have unlimited fun with the monsters!

frowning and laughing monsters

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