Filthy Gaming – An Awesome Way to Play Games and Get Gaming Knowledge

filthy gamingAre you passionate of gaming and want to know more about it, since you have just started gaming or you feel that there is still much more to learn? If your answer to this question is ‘yes’, I want to introduce you to the latest gaming network named Filthy Gaming! Uniqueness about this gaming network is that it consists of a website as well as a YouTube channel; so, on both, you will get the latest gaming news and information, and play games, make new fun friends and have a great time!

Filthy Gaming – A Gaming Network that Rewards

call of dutyA major reason you should visit Filthy Gaming is that it rewards you for subscribing to it and following it on Twitter. I don’t think anyone does this. Have you come across anyone who rewards you for only subscribing to them? At least, I haven’t. There are a lot of beautiful pictures on Filthy Gaming through which too you can follow it. DoctorF1lthy, the developer of Filthy Gaming, will select winners randomly from his subscribers every month. You just have to subscribe and give your email id. Also make sure that you subscribe to his YouTube channel. You need not buy anything. For being eligible to enter the ongoing contest, you should be at least 13 years and should be a US citizen. Once a winner cannot be a winner again in a given year. So, everyone will get a chance to win. Prizes are awesome! And they will become more awesome with time and growing number of fans. And you are at no loss.


Information and Learning for Free

You might have heard that expert gamers are making careers as gaming tutors. In other words, they charge you for learning gaming from them. On Filthy Gaming, you will get knowledge for free! There are quite a great range of videos on their YouTube channel from which you can get ample knowledge of gaming and actually, you can become gaming tutors! DoctorF1lthy prefers to teach his fans for free.

If you are a serious learner, there is blog too for you. On each of these sources, you will regularly get the latest gaming news. You will also learn how to start a YouTube channel successfully and can read reviews of various latest and old games. And of course, you can also get Live Streams.

You can also contact DoctorF1lthy anytime through mail and learn anything you want. You can also make suggestions, ask queries and suggest games which you know and want to play, but still isn’t featured on Filthy Gaming. Keeping in touch with DoctorF1lthy will definitely benefit you in terms of getting knowledge, a lot of fun as well as a very good friend.

Make Friends and Have a Good Time

DoctorF1lthy also aims at making everyone smile and have a good time on Filthy Gaming. While playing with DoctorF1lthy on Xbox Live, you will meet real fun people with whom you can spend a good time after a hectic day. You can even get featured on his channel!

So, if you are a passionate gamer, an aspiring professional gamer, a serious learner of gaming, a casual gamer in search of fun friends, or all of these, Filthy Gaming is for you. Keep visiting, play games, learn, read gaming news and have fun every second.

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