Find New Fun, Excitement and Enjoyment in Gaming!

Game JerksIf you are an avid gamer, what you might have thought of your life is you should access your favorite games anytime, anywhere, every time, everywhere! Had you thought of a way through which gamers like you across the web can come together and do better, so that you all can enjoy more? But the thought came to someone’s mind and a wonderful creation called Game Jerks took place. is a site dedicated to gaming news and gaming social network, trying to bring gamers together and has great content interesting enough to attract any gamer.

How was Game Jerks Created?

Game Jerks was created out of a strong realization that the gaming community was missing a connection between gamers everywhere, on a single platform, consisting of not only your friends’ list and messaging. They envisioned a platform for tracking how far ahead or behind you are of your friends. And they were inspired to create Game Jerks – a simple, yet powerful gaming social platform!

The founders of Game Jerks started building their dream in February 2014 which began with a simple slash page. They worked for months behind the scenes and finally got most of the pages nailed down and coded, and finally they invited their first member to sign up. In the course of one year, a site having nothing but a splash page and a login page, turned into a web platform in February 2015! Eight months after this they made a public launch in September 2015.

What can You Do at Game Jerks?

Play: On Game Jerks, you can play your games on PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE or Stream Network. You need not submit score or win/loss status. The heavy lifting is done by the site’s owners, including progress tracking – you just enjoy playing!

Read: You get the best of gaming news and reviews from across the industry on Game Jerks. Even you can make valuable addition by sharing your experience if you play a new game. Game Jerks believe that reviews should be unbiased and based on the reviewers’ opinions and not on the affiliations of companies which produce the games being reviewed. By this, you can understand that you will always read honest reviews of games on Game Jerks.

Watch: Game Jerks have numerous videos including trailers, interviews, press conferences, and much more to watch. You get hours coverage of all major gaming-related events from across the world.

Review: If you think you know the ins and outs of a game, to an extent that you can write a review, you can do so, on Game Jerks. You can tell others what exactly you loved, what you hated or what you found in secret corners. You can even share new ways of playing the game.

Associate: You can tell who you are and what you are doing elsewhere and by attaching your other gaming platform identities, your progress, achievements and friends can be tracked, and you will get suggestions.

Friends: By either searching for your friends or by attaching an identity, you can add your friends. Once you add them, you can see their activities and vice versa, including progress and achievements in games.

Founders of Game Jerks

The founders of Game Jerks come from backgrounds of Web Development as well as Systems Engineering and they share a common passion for gaming and entertainment. They are:

  • Christopher Pfeifer, CTO
  • Alan Barnes, CEO

You have now come across a new dimension of your life as a gamer! Join Game Jerks to find new fun, excitement and enjoyment in gaming!

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