Fun in the World of Games HD Wallpapers

Starting in 1972 with games like Pong, video games have advanced with a tremendous speed to some of the most recent games like Halo Wars. Every aspect of video games like graphics, interaction and many others has become amazing now. And therefore video games are attracting people from every category and they are no more restricted to the young generation or tech masters. Today people of any age group realize the value of entertainment the video games provide and also the appeal of diversity they present, like platform and adventure. Keeping with their newness, video games have now advanced from 2D platform games to 3D games and it is amazing to flaunt exciting games HD wallpapers on your desktop!







In the history of video games, platform games are the earliest types. Everyone must have heard of Sonic the Hedgehog, Megaman and Super Marios. They are the predecessors of the 3D video games. Though they are simple, they have the ability to keep the gamer engaged for hours.








Next were the fighting games. Some of the first fighting video games are King of Fighters and Street Fighter.

Action Adventure








Then there are combinations of powerful action and captivating adventure in form of action adventure games which appeal gamers who desire not only thrill but also a fantastic storyline in the game.

First-person Shooter







Another interesting game type is first-person shooter. In this, the gamer gets to walk around the world in the game like she or he is looking the ambience of the game from the character’s eyes. Some of the earliest first person shooter games are Wolfenstein, Quake and Doom. Nowadays the most popular is the Halo series.







Role-playing games (RPG) are the games in which the characters make or break the game-play. You become a part in the game’s storyline which keeps the gamer involved for hours and the story revolves around a crowd of interesting characters. Diablo 3 is an example of exciting action role-playing game which is based on the theme of horror and fantasy. It is the third in the diablo franchise. Diablo 3 HD wallpapers are extremely interesting to keep the desktop always alive.

Multi-player Online







Multi-player online games are the newer games which incorporate with the technology of internet. One such game is World of Warcraft. What is unique about this type of games is the characters with whom the gamer interacts online are real ones instead of fictitious.

Real-time Strategy






Then there are real-time strategy games which let gamer have an overhead view of a battleground so that he or she can control the war units. One of the most favorite games in this category is Command & Conquer released in 1995. Some other famous games are Warcraft, Starcraft and Dune.







Simulation is another interesting type of games which try to copy the real life situations. A very highly sophisticated and rational game among this type was Microsoft Flight Simulator which made even a savvy gamer frustrated. Fortunately today there are simulation games which are less than realistic and fulfill the purpose of amusement.

Music Video Games






Music video games which too are one of the most popular types nowadays are chief to bring evolution in video games. Many music video game developers try to enhance the interactivity of the game e.g. guitar for Guitar Hero series. The Rock Band series have introduced even a full range of electronic instruments.

Video games are thus encompassing the world extensively and there is no doubt that they provide one of the highest qualities of entertainment to whoever plays them.

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