Get Great Success in War of Nations

war of nations cheatsThe game War of Nations has a great ability to pit mobile and PC gamers in a battle of those who can develop the most efficient and best military nation. This MMO/strategy title is full of all things associated to erecting a powerful military fort – huge battles, base buildings, leveling up armies, and so on. It’s a tough job to understand how to make your nation best. Maintaining your base strong and, at the same time, having the ability to win over others’ bases will take you to the top of the leader boards. To make this possible, here are some great War of Nations cheats, tips and tricks.

Understand Your Cores

While playing War of Nations, you can form three different types of cores – base power, base plasma and base fusion cores. Their job is to maintain the energy across a base. The more cores you have, the more number of outposts you can open up, to strengthen your army. You should begin with base power cores prior to move on to base fusion cores and base plasma cores.

Core Tactics

Always be prepared with core tactics when you are to capture bases. They are of different levels of complexity according to the core style. Some will be simple, while some will need full-on-destruction so as to seize their resources. Instead of attacking directly on the cores, it is best to work on their surroundings, such as buildings like command centers. And then chip away slowly.

Item Boxes

Pay attention always to the item boxes. They are spread out across each area and are of three colors – silver, gold and bronze. They vary in their value based on their quality. They will enable you to use stronger and rarer cores. You should not miss them.

Collect Rewards

Do collect rewards. They are generally left behind in a lost battle. Of course, taking them for your warehouse makes them vulnerable if someone attacks; the attacker can keep them for themselves. You can leave them at that time, and collect them later. They don’t vanish over time. Therefore try to save them so as to use when you need them absolutely.

Begin with Low-level Enemies

Never start with stronger adversaries. Instead, start with lower-level enemies to make a way up in core and strengthen your army. Include more commanders in your team and plan for large-scale combats. Keep in mind that preparations are very essential. It is also important that you don’t waste your precious resources upon combats you will never win.

Center of the Map

The center of the map is the most powerful place to gather resources, though it also means more number of enemies attacking from all sides. If you want to leave a small outpost to acquire something nearer to the center, don’t hesitate to do that. A core can be utilized to create another base, though you lose some resources during the process.

Use these cheats, tips and tricks and you can get great success to be the best at War of Nations.


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