Giraffe Adventure – Take Pleasure in Helping a Cute Animal in the Beautiful Jungle Setting

giraffe adventureAre you a strong opponent of zoos? If yes, you will love the latest Android game, Giraffe Adventure! Giraffe Adventure is a game wherein you are to save a baby giraffe from going to a zoo. Do you want to know more about all this? Let me tell you.

Story of Giraffe Adventure

The story of Giraffe Adventure starts from a greedy American zoo keeper who wants a giraffe for his zoo. He decides to go to Kenya, Africa, to fulfill his purpose and flies towards his intended destination. While searching in the jungles of Kenya for a giraffe, his eyes catch a family of giraffes roaming freely and happily in each other’s company in the jungles in the twilight of sunset, which has a baby giraffe too.

As soon as he sees the giraffe baby, named Jeremy, the greedy zoo keeper shouts, “You’re MINE!” and leaps ahead to catch hold of Jeremy. Jeremy makes every effort to run away from the zoo keeper as far as his tiny legs can take him.

leaping over frog and ravines

You have to help Jeremy to escape the zoo keeper, jumping on frogs, gliding over ravines and neck attack toucans.

If you wish that the cute little Jeremy should spend his life with his loving family without any restrictions, without being troubled by people coming to watch him, freely in the lush jungles of his own country, under the blue skies, watching and enjoying all the beauty of the Nature and breathing in FREE air, you should make every effort to help him, run away from the greedy zoo keeper.

help Jeremy escape

What’s New?

Giraffe Adventure has something new and exclusive which makes the game stand out from others. In this game you can make your own levels with a custom level maker!

You will also get lots of new spiders and slugs in the forest levels! The delightful setting of Kenyan forests will give you a pleasant feel of roaming in the jungles and the little Jeremy is simply adorable!

So, download Giraffe Adventure from Google Play now and start enjoying the game!

lots of new slugs

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