Great Tips for Getting Better and Better at Earning FIFA 16 Coins

FIFA 16 Coins TipsWhile playing FIFA 16, you always want more and more FIFA 16 coins. The EA Sports FC Catalogue lets you spend FCC, a type of currency obtained by playing each mode of the game, on Ultimate Team boosts. The coins thus earned can act as an additional squad slot to produce a new Ultimate Team, a bigger Transfer List pile, a 99-game player contract or more importantly: Coin Reward Boosts.

The Coin Reward Boosts enhance your level in FIFA to a higher one. You are able to buy rewards only up to your existing player level. For example, a level eight Coin Boost offers an additional 200 coins for ten matches per game. On the other hand, a level 25 Coin Boost provides 1000 coins for ten matches per game. Of course, it’s costlier, but is well worth the money if you spend most of your time playing Ultimate Team.

It makes no difference if you lose or win the match, you will still obtain this reward in the end.

Earning More FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Coins – Don’t Stop Scoring

Every year, FIFA players should undergo the difficult task of playing through the early, simple Amateur tournaments as well as seasons. These are set by default by the game to Amateur difficulty, though you can change them at your discretion, and that will influence your reward multiplier during the conclusion of every match, but ensure that you have a confidence that you can still win the game with the help of your early squad which will doubtlessly have a poor chemistry.

Everything is calculated at the conclusion of the match and you get a coin reward, with up to 200 coins for goals. Therefore make sure you don’t stop scoring even against pathetic opponents. Even accuracy of pass pays out depending on your percentage completion; so at the end of the game, try to boost the number a little by passing the ball around your backline. Also possession of ball for most of the time with your defenders also boosts this number.

Essentially, the better your performance on a higher difficulty, the more coins you can earn.

After Collecting Enough Coins, Play FUT Draft of FIFA 16

FUT Draft is an excellent way to obtain more bang for your bucks by getting a horde of packs and players and also saving your squad’s contracts. By paying mere 15,000 coins, you can play in your dream team match and get potentially big rewards if your progress is far enough and you can earn back these 15,000 coins within no time once you get going. Moreover, the mode is a great fun to boot.

Sell Expensive Cards which are not Required

If there is a great card in a pack, which is not necessarily the one you can utilize in your squad or it would inquire creating an entirely new squad, instead consider selling it for great profit. This is an awesome way to make quick cash rather than shell out extra coins to try to build a team around it.

A thing to keep in mind is Ultimate Team is more of chemistry than a team of star players, so if the price of that card can be rather spent having a better team, it may be worth the sacrifice.

Remember these tips to get better and better at earning FIFA 16 coins!

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