Have Great Fun with Free League of Legends Skins

pax-jax-skinIf you are an ardent fan of League of Legends and think that the default champion looks are getting a bit old and a new appearance could revive your gaming experience and can even take you to the next level, you can have a new skin for free! You can altogether change the looks of your favorite champion. Moreover, most of these skins will even change the looks of your activities, thus completing the renovation. Free League Of Legends skins are available on FreeLeagueCodes.congoloid.net which they are giving as a giveaway and you should grab your favorite skin before the stock is over.

FreeLeagueCodes.congoloid.net has more than 1,500 LoL skins, absolutely free. You can go through these five easy steps to get them:

  1. Click on either the picture or download the link for the code you wish to claim.
  2. Before claiming for the unique code, you will need to prove that you aren’t a bot. You can do this by completing a free offer from one of the sponsors. Though it’s a kinda of sucking, but it is to be assured that none can cheat and take all the codes.
  3. Once you complete one of the offers, you will get an access to the .txt file wherein there is a unique skin code for each of the servers where it is available.
  4. As soon as you get your skin code, open up your LoL Client and enter the code into the codes section.
  5. Have fun with your new skin!

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Types of LoL Skins

Each of the hundreds of LoL skins comes under one of the color coated “quality” colors, which also decides the cost of that particular skin. The rankings are Classic, Imperial, Epic, Legendary, Ultimate and Royal. Moreover there are also several skin categories each skin comes under.

Collectors Edition: Skins like “Huntress Sivir” or “Annie Goth” can be added to your collection by buying the retail or digital version of LoL.

Event Skin: These are available only for a particular period, during special events. They are a popular Riot giveaway on the occasion of gaming tournaments and conventions. It is indeed alluring to see a championship skin on sale at the time of LoL finals for a specific champion.

Legacy Skins: Legacy skins have been withdrawn by Riot from the market for many reasons. Majority of this group’s skins are Old Halloween skins. They are normally brought back to the market once in a year, and cannot be bought any other time.

Limited Edition: These LoL skins too are available only at the time of events (for example, Vancouver Olympic Games skins) and were meant originally not to be launched again. But because of great demand, Riot has decided that they will launch skins regularly from March 2014 to October 2014. The skins will be kept permanently in the Legacy skin collection after October 2014.

Achievement Skins: These skins come to the player as rewards upon completing the needs for particular achievements. For example, the grey Warwick skin awarded for referring 10 friends to LoL and the Champion Ryze skin offered for winning an official match.

Therefore, don’t miss the chance to grab your favorite skins on FreeLeagueCodes.congoloid.net before they are grabbed by others, and enjoy the wonderful game LoL even more!


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