Heaps of Choices for MMORPG Fans – You have the Right to Enjoy it All!

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screen1If you are an ardent player of MMORPGs, you can today get heaps of choices. Long-standing games and well-recognized communities are there for you. Some of them may be the ones you may want to completely stay away from, but most of them are captivating. But how can you know that? Since many of their gameplay options and MMO worlds have apparently a lot in common, you have to get in actually and experience for yourself. Here is an effort of giving you a rough idea about the top popular MMORPGs of today, maybe with the hope that you will know about them before start playing. BTW, Legends of Nyrris MMORPG is now out. We’ll be giving some info about this brand new title too.

1. Legends of Nyrris

The free online browser MMORPG, Legends of Nyrris, has been now launched. Some of its prominent features are:

You can hire armies to help you in your fight
You can choose from 2 specializations
You have the power to control your own village
Turn based PvP and PvE battles

And it has many more such features!




2. Allods Online

A fantasy MMO, Allods Online enables players to direct gigantic custom astral ships throughout the universe, discovering floating islands as well as battling the space-faring vessels of other players. These ships can be crewed at a time by multiple players. They feature various stations that rule their functions (e.g. gunnery or navigation) which can be modified or upgraded in various ways.


allods online 2

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3. Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic is jam packed with content that MMO fans fall for – customization of characters, tons of loot and a mind-blowing variety of bosses, enemies and settings. The game stands out with its class system, which efficiently lets dual-class to players. RoM won’t dazzle you with wild innovations and content, but it just presents the traditional stuff in a splendid way, that is the main attraction of this genre.

Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic 2

4. Dragon’s Nest

If you are tired of point-to-click tab-targeting combats, Dragon’s Nest is like a nice diversion in form of a direct, striking response. Dragon’s Nest promises of high-octane combat in style which it keeps. The combo-based battles have the most interesting feature of the requirement of strategy. Juggling, dodging and synchronizing with your teammates are important while taking up a particularly challenging task. Also healing abilities are important as you can encounter some of the most lethal bosses!

Dragon’s Nest

5. Fallen Earth

Those, who got heartbroken when last year Fallout Online was officially shuttered, can be comforted with the arrival of Fallen Earth which offers us the unusual treat of multiple apocalypses. It is set in a future period which is destroyed by worldwide viral epidemic, nuclear holocaust and disastrous war, and gives us a wretched wasteland wherein you have to carve out the destinies of your characters. The solid third-person shooting, a multitude of dissimilar interesting groups and a deep crafting system are the features of the gameplay for players to align with.


fallenearth 2

And there are more – but these ones you should really get your hands on. From loot grinding to unimaginable space-age universes, MMOs offers something for everyone. You have the right to enjoy it all – so, don’t miss it!

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