Honey Heroes – Honor the Hard-working, Honey-making Sweet Honeybee

Honey HeroesDo you appreciate honeybees for their hard work, cooperation and the mouthwatering product they make? If yes, you can honor them now, with an addictive mobile game – Honey Heroes! What is Honey Heroes? Let’s see.


The gameplay of Honey Heroes is simple, yet extremely addictive. On the face of it, it may seem to you similar to a tile game – to match each other. But it’s quite different. It needs more brain power than other titles of the same genre and will be much admired by players who don’t hate thinking.

Honey Heroes is not a match 3 style game but is unique in that it uses one-to-one association with which you have to make correct combinations of flowers. You as a honeybee are to pollinate flowers and the more you do them, the more honey you can collect in your honey jar and go on achieving the next levels.

Honey Heroes

Each of the levels in Honey Heroes is a bit different than the other. It needs a definite degree of logical thinking that keeps you entertained throughout the game, no matter whether you fill the honey bear within a particular number of moves, unleash the adorable critters that help you clear tiles in their own ways or achieve a specific point-score within the stipulated time. And can you believe – Honey Heroes has over 80 levels encompassing 3 game style mechanics – Straight Line, ZigZag and Combination!

Each level brings you an award of up to three stars for your performance. You are free to return to any earlier level to achieve the most ideal score.

Honey Heroes

There are uncountable attractive free alternatives in the levels of the game where it may become difficult for you to go further. In short, it is hard to put Honey Heroes down!

There is Bee Shop where various upgrades are available for you to unlock. Or you can also collect the lives boosters in game that boosts the extra lives store.

Honey Heroes

A best thing about Honey Heroes is you can pick it up and start playing wherever you are and on any device.

Honey Heroes is available on Android, iOS and Facebook.

So, what are you waiting for? Download this extremely addictive game, and enjoy being a hard-working, honey-making, sweet honeybee!

Honey Heroes

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