How to Find the Most Amazing Free Games on the Internet

There are a number of excellent websites which collect online games from various sources and puts them in one convenient place. Although there are many websites that offer this service, raises itself slightly with a judicious selection of games, helpful and attractive layout, and interaction with its users.
There are thousands of free online games in the vast space of the internet, and does an excellent job of getting recognizable names. Angry Birds (and it’s sequel Angry Birds Rio) might be the most recognized game in the world right now, and both are available on Other very popular games such as Temple Run (another iOS hit) and Bloons Tower Defense are also there for your enjoyment. Many of the games are recognizable as paid iPhone and Android apps, but has them for free. There is advertising on the website of course, but it does not interrupt or interfere with the games while you are playing them.

Currently seems to favor quality over quantity in its selection of games. It does not offer the thousands of games that some other websites do, but the selection of hundreds that it does host minimizes the junk games that clutter up the hugely inclusive websites. The selection of games is certainly deep enough to find something new anytime you visit, but you are much less likely to waste your time with poorly designed games that should have been culled out in a review process.
The website has a very attractive layout as well, with large icons for each game featured on its homepage that makes the games eye catching and easy to parse. Many other similar websites are very cluttered with too may games displayed at once, each one relegated to a small icon and one sentence description. displays fewer games at a time and accompanies each one with a large screenshot from the game, allowing you to instantly get a sense of what the game is like. If you don’t see an appealing game right on the front page, additional subsections for genres such as strategy and action will lead you to many more options. also interacts with its users in several ways. The first is by soliciting recommendations for new games. This practice keeps new and interesting games flowing to the website, helps screen out the junk, and also makes the users feel more involved in the website. Additionally, has a regularly updated blog with reviews of hosted games, news updates, and “Best Of” lists. To further engage and assist the users, the website has a section of walkthroughs to guide players through the stickier parts of difficult games. does an excellent job of making an argument for itself in a crowded market space. Free online games are easy enough to find, but sorts through them to find the best and most popular ones, and presents them in a layout that is easy to navigate. Overall it is an excellent source for free online games.

As a long-time fan of free online games, Joe Kanter has been equally impressed and addicted to the offerings at

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